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cara-ukur-saiz-corset-premiumbeautifulPREMIUM BEAUTIFUL: Best Instant Body Shaper

Tak kira apa berat badan anda, dengan ‘curves’ pada tempat yang betul, semua orang boleh tampil anggun dan penuh keyakinan. Berilah yang terbaik untuk diri anda, Premium Beautiful sudah membantu ramai wanita seluruh Malaysia dan dunia. Katakan “YES” hari ini.

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Travelogue Budapest, Hungary 2015

Travelogue Budapest, Hungary 2015

Hi Everyone! Me and my TLC team just came back from our European Winter Trip. This time we went to Budapest, Hungary and Vienna, Austria. As you all know, this is a FULLY SPONSORED TRIP to Top Premium Beautiful Agents aka Excellent Achievers in our business; meaning we do not pay a single cent to fly, all we did was packed our bag and bring out money for shopping. The rest is all covered. From flight tickets, land transportation, hotels to meals 3 times a day.

Just to share with you, that this kinda trip is AVAILABLE TO YOU TOO! If you wanna know how you can enjoy this, just contact me. Our next FREE TRIP destination is BANGKOK, THAILAND! :)

Alhamdulillah, from KL to Budapest we flew with the BIG Emirates Boeing-777 and on the way back to KL from Munich we flew with the AWESOME Emirates Airbus A380. Emirates Boeing 777 Budapest


Where do we stay in Budapest? Alhamdulillah, at the 5-star Hilton Budapest City for 2 nights. Great Hotel! Nice location, its connected to Budapest Largest mall (more than 350 shops) through its lobby door.  Free WiFi at all levels not just lobby, which means Free WiFi in the room as well. Hilton Budapest City
Check-out the room! 5-star hotel in Europe is definitely not cheap. The cheapest room can easily cost you RM700-800 per night. Thank God, we got this all for FREE!Hilton Budapest City Room
Time to hit the city! For all your Hard Rock collectors, you can find the shop at the Inner City area. There is also H&M, New Yorkers, Rolex and other European brand outlets everywhere.Inner City BudapestInner City Budapest

What are better ways to see all the beautiful landmarks of Budapest if not going on the Danube River Cruise?danube-river-cruise-budapest

If you take the night ride, you can see Budapest Landmarks such as the Hungarian Parliament Building, the Chain Bridge that connects Buda and Pest all well lighted up

Another Must Go To landmarks in Budapest is Fisherman’s Bastion. Located at Buda site of the city. From the top of the place you can see Pest across the Danube River.fishermen-bastion-budapest

Also not to be missed is Heroes Square, Budapest. A must stop by place for photos!Heroes Square, Budapest Heroes Square, Budapest

Our first dinner in Budapest was at the Marvanymenyasszony Restaurant. Don’t bother to pronounce the name. Located also at the Buda side. One thing special about this place is that they have a very nice musicians performing while you enjoy your meal. There is also some Gypsy dancing in between. Very entertaining, something different that you never see in Malaysia.gypsy-dance-budapest


Our last stop in Hungary before we travel to Austria is Visegrad Castle. I’ve been to few Europe trips before, but this.. I must say is a very unique arrangement.Call us Your Highness on that day, because for the first time in many trips before, we were treated like the Real Royalties. Starting wide the welcoming drums, the Royal march, the Royal matches and end with the Royal Feast!



Food Review Time! Of all the dishes we had here at the Renaissance Restaurant of Visegrad Castle, I believe we all agree the their Onion Soup is the KILLER DISH and MUST TRY! The baked trout and baked is fine but the soup. Really TO-DIE-FOR!



So thats it… for my Travel Blog Review for Budapest, Hungary. 3 days 2 nights I must say is actually not enough and too short. We definitely have few others must see attractions that we didn’t go to this time. And that is a good reason to come back again to Budapest, Hungary in the future. :)

Next Up: We travel to Mozarts birthplace Salzburg & Vienna, Austria. Stay tune!

Salha Zain Premium Beautiful Top Agent

Austria and Hungary Here We Come!!!!!

Alhamdulillah, berkat usaha bertungkus lumus kami di TLC, pada September ini, kami berjaya bawa hampir 30 qualifiers ke Shanghai, China.. Kalau ade orang kate bisnes ni susah nak buat, susah nak berjaya, ramai yang gagal.. fikir semula… Kalau seramai ini yang berjaya kami bawa maksudnya bisnes ini ialah sangat DOABLE!!.. Siapa buat dan ikut saja, CONFIRM JADI!!!

And our next destination ialah ke Austria dan Hungary… WOW!!!! Inilah dia rezeki yang tak disangka-sangka… mungkin orang yang menceburi bisnes kata, saya mahu income sahaja, tapi dalam bisnes ini, anda akan dapat lebih dari itu…

Nak income 4 angka – tapi boleh dapat 5, 6 malah 7 angka..

Tak terfikir nak melancong – tapi dapat melancong ke serata dunia..

Tak termimpi nak pakai kereta idaman – tapi syarikat kasi insentif, ambik sajalah..

Tak rase boleh buat saving banyak – anda nak ratus ribu, juta? boleh saja..

Tunggu pencen baru pergi Haji – tapi dengan bisnes peluang pergi haji awal diusia muda…boleh dapat free lagi..

Tak terfikir nak tinggal rumah besar – dah ade saving berjuta, beli sajalah!!

dan macam-macam lagi…

Itu yang terjadi pada kami semua di TLC… bayangkan sikit tapi dapat berganda-ganda MasyaAllah banyaknya…

So, apa yang BEST di Austria and Hungary… jom kite tengok!!!

Scenery Yang Terlalu Cantik!!! Oh myy!!!

800px-Eilean_Donan_in_snow  alps_in_austria












Famous Restaurant & Cafe and Signature Food Yang Terlalu Sedap!!! Yumsss!!

Ni yang saya sukaaa!!!









p1020380  Hungarian_Gulyás

Salzburger Nockerl

Shopping Heavennn!!!!



ricami  HotelSalzburg-GetreidegasseHD

03 a alexander su4a2817





Austria 9
















Tak tido malamla Salha jawabnyaa!!!

Boleh pengsan dibuatnya!!!

Excited OVERLOAD!!!

Anda nak ikut Salha…Jomla kita ramai-ramai…!!


Watsapp my number cepat.. 012-2229453 !!

Lets go to Austria and Hungaryyy!!!!




Salha Zain Premium Beautiful Top Agent

TLC Raya 2014

Syawal is finally over. And we Malaysians especially are also “over” when it comes to celebrating our Eid or Raya. 1 month fasting, so 1 month Raya. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, few days before Syawal ended, TLCians managed to gather our very own TLC Raya at our center. Thank you everyone who turn up on that night from all over Malaysia. Thank you our beloved mentors especially our Multimillonaire Sifu Haji Azlan Deraman for joining our simple “makan-makan” gathering. Thank you supportive husbands and wives who came along. Thank you All!

Great food, great company especially these cute TLC Young Entrepreneurs.tlcraya-salhazain-03

We WORK HARD, We PLAY HARD! Regardless of our differences, Alhamdulillah we can always grow under the same roof. And the key to that is that we respect each other and know our boundaries. ;)tlcraya-salhazain-04

Raya is OVER! So its back to business in FULL SWING! LETS GO TEAM TLC!tlcraya-salhazain-01

Salha Zain Premium Beautiful Top Agent

What “Merdeka” Means to Me…

It has been 57 years since Tunku proclaimed “MERDEKA” at the Dataran Merdeka.  For all the young generations who never knew how our parents and grandparents struggled before the Merdeka, we can easily ignored the blessing we have now.

So, what does MERDEKA means to me?

#1. Merdeka means great blessing from Allah and for that I am always thankful to HIM every seconds of my everyday. Without Freedom, we are no difference from our brothers and sisters in Gaza, whose life everyday is under threat.

#2. Merdeka also means freedom of choice. Choice to choose our own Faith, to be whoever we want to be and choice to pursue whatever dreams our heart desire. Since I was a child, I always wanted special someones to love, fun things to do, luxurious stuff to own, places to visit, a business to grow and be somebody. Alhamdulillah, Malaysia is the best place to achieve whatever my hearts desire.

#3. Merdeka means living and raising my children and my family peacefully in my Baiti Jannati. We might not be living in our own dream home yet (InsyaaAllah soon – Mama promise), but we know wherever we lived in this country, our home is where our heart is.

For that, thank you Allah, thank you to all Malaysia freedom fighters. Malaysia Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.

Happy Merdeka Malaysia. Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta.


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