Life is short, so make it great!!!

Last monday i received a call from Maybank..banker tu ckp my application for ASB Islamic Investment for RM200,000.00 (the highest ASB Investment) has appproved!!!….

I sangat2 tak sangke coz dulu mase zaman i bekerja i pernah mintak jugak but just approved RM 20,000 je…but since berbisnes memang make my life turns 360′ ..

Mane taknye i happy..ok let’s see….

Kalau ASB for 200k, if after maturity misalnye 20 years from now…at my retirement age masetu i 48..

I will get profit around 1.2 or 1.3 million… ASB one of the investment yg secured coz the floor rate is 7.0%..

So then, believe it or not…I’M OFFICIALLY A MILLIONAIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Even pun after 20 years but at least my retirement day is secured already…

And that’s not the only investment yang i ade…i ade insurans and planning to buy the Gold Investment jugak…

Bottomline is, business ni memang betul2 ubah hidup i…i tak pernah terfikir pun yang i akan dapat ni semua dalam mase 7bulan…i mean…i baru 28..this is a BIG achievement for me..

Alhamdulillah….Allah dah bukak jalan untuk i..

So by the age of 30..i planning to have…

– a property of my own (not my hubby’s)

– a car ( Volvo XC60 )

– another investment (i plan to buy shop houses)

– education fund for my kids (takut masetu dh takde PTPTN)

– insurance for my parents

– nk wujudkan yayasan untuk anak-anak yatim (coz i sgt sayang and sensitive hal kanak2 ni)

——————-> lain2 belum fikir lagi….so InsyaAllah, im heading towards it..

” Ya Allah ya tuhanku…..jadikanla aku hambamu yang sentiasa memanfaatkan hambamu yang lain, bimbinglah aku ya Allah…”

Last but not least..untuk semua business partner sekalian…

Sentiasa letakkan impian dan matlamat yang tinggi di hadapan…

Buang segala masalah, ego and fikiran negatif¬† ke tepi….

Usaha yang tidak putus2..

Jadikan segala cabaran sebagai “a part of process” untuk jadikan kite dekat dgn matlamat yang kite nk capai…

Always think BIG..

Write down weekly goals, yearly goals and lifetime goals and bace hari-hari…

Selalu fikir diri kite berupaya untuk dapat ape yang kite nak..

Selalu fikir diri kite worth more than whatever we have now..

Always love yourself..

And thats why i love myself…

I love to be Salha Zain…



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