Woooohhh, berpeluh reply email From FBians, and my blog readers asking about the biz and of course Pariss..and yup, ramai yg baru tanye minggu lepas and now achieve 1st income RM8000 and Paris VIP trip!!Congrats to all!!

So anyone else yang nk Paris VIP trip + RM8000 income? Inbox me, email me at salha2910@gmail.com or sms me at 012-222 9453 and I WILL MAKE SURE U ALL AKAN DAPAT..
p/s: Subjected to orang yg betul2 serious nk dpt coz im serious..tq!!

Mlm ni nk jumpe 2 group untuk setting income RM30-40k pulak..ready u all mlm ni…!!

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