Annoucement to all!!!

By 5 March, 2012June 11th, 2012Premium Beautiful

Dear all,

Alhamdulillah…memang ramai sangat dan bertalu2 salha terima email dari blog readers Salha yang bertanyakan about business…and ade jugak yang dah jumpe Salha in person for biz discussion…ok pada yang pernah email Salha, boleh tak check whether u got reply from me..sebab takut email bounce back and buatkan u all tak dapat reply from me…pada yang dah dapat, nnti boleh tak let me know that u already received..and pada yang belum dapat my reply let me know as well…

U can also call me directly to book our date…

012-222 9453 or 012-230 7430

Thanks all..

Salha Zain..

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