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Rizalman for Zalora and Premium Beautiful Elegance 

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Cantek-cantek baju Rizalman by Zalora ni.. Elegance and sophisticated.. Tak sabar nak beli for this raya..

IMG 2952 0
IMG 29531
IMG 29541
But for some ladies, they think that they must have a flawless body kalau nak pakai baju ni.. To normal people like us, i bet..its not easy to achieve body macam model ni..

But my advice, u just need a little touch up.. And thats when u have to wear a corset.. So dengan corset, if someone with fuller figure like me, at least u’re not worried buldging here and there..

Maybe not as perfect as this Rizalman model’s body but with a little touch up, u feel more confidence to wear this for raya and u will look curvier too!!

IMG 29551
Pada yang tercari-cari nak pakai corset jenis ape, sebab memang banyak sangat corset kat luar.. Nanti karang dah beli mahal-mahal, tak selesa , bergulung, or sebagainya, my advice is, buy from the expert and with Premium Beautiful Elegance, u all tak perlu nak worry-worry dah.. It will give everything that women’s desired for.. Trust me..! I have one for myself this raya..

If u want too, can ask and order here:

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Majolica Majorca Shiseido Japan

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Lately, i’ve been a fan of this cosmetic brand from Shiseido Japan..cosmetic die best sangat…this is a budget cosmetics that we can use it daily…i can say, that the quality setanding dengan branded cosmetics coz i pun dh pernah try….sebab tu i berani cakap…hihi..the color of the eyeshadow sangat sweet and nice..sape2 yang memang suke make up ala-ala natural and sweet memang sesuai pakai ni…and bile kite apply sangatla berpuas hati…cosmetic ni takde lipstick but die ade lipgloss and bile kite pakai, rase die sedap and no sticky2 stuff and all…the make up casing pun cantik2 ala2 classic victorian…semua cantiklah…tak tahan tengok…

And the best part is, cosmetics ni ade jual kt Watson..sungguh senang nk cari…believe me, if u gi je counter cosmetic ni mesti tangan u tak boleh capai satu je…macam i..sekali capai, niat nk amik satu tapi resultnye terambik 5 terus…and walaupun capai 5, still within your budget…owhh…sungguh menerujakan hatiku…



Majolica Majorca


Product range


nampak tu..the compact powder punye casing...cantikkan..


Counter die..


lagi product range...