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Twilight Saga-The New Moon

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Until today..i watch this movie 4 times already…and i will keep watching it…i fall in love again with all the characters..i feel like that the movie is so real to me..like it really exist…oh wow…i love it…i love Jacob!! I love Edward!! and the most important thing is, i love the Edward’s car in this movie…what else if not XC 90!!! Hmmmmmmmmm…


Oh god i love Jacob…Im angau already!!! sape yang tak angau…tgk jela gamba nih!!!


Twilight…Novel vs Movie!!

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Edward Pattinson, Kristen Steward -Twilight

After i read the novel, i really agree with some people that said, read the novel is far more better than watch the movie..you can find so many love scenes and romantic conversation between both lovers when u read the novel..what makes me so upset is why they not 100% convert it into film..this is suppose to be Bella and Edward story¬† and they shud more emphasize on that..actually..tak puasla aku tgk die dorang ni..they’re too gorgeous and talented and tak patut scene2 diorang ni sket..banyakkanla lagi..aku sukeeeeeee….tak sabar nk tgk The New Moon pulak..hihihiii..