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How We Do Things… Is How We Do EVERYTHING


“Your Attitude Determine Your Altitude.”

Well, I couldn’t agree more with this quote.  الحمد لله‎…  this year mark my 5th year in the business, and throughout these years, I have coached many business associates from various backgrounds. And I have witnessed successes; people rising from zero to hero as well as people who didn’t progress as much. Both success or “failure” in the business in my experience, have one common factor. It is none other than: ATTITUDE.

Each and everyday, as I’ve coached my proteges, I can almost predict which one of them will succeed and which one will fail. It is no surprise at all. So, let me just share with you, 5 ATTITUDE based on my experience that can lead you to whatever you dreams are.


Someone WITHOUT passion is actually someone who live without reason. They just let things passed them by, let others decide how they should live their life and always wonder what happen to them rather than makes things happen! Like Zombie. zombieTo have a PASSION, one must have A DREAM. And good news is dreaming is FREE! So Dare to Dream! There is no limitation to what we can achieve if we dare to dream and believe in our dreams. I am myself a housewife with just RM14.60 in my saving accounts, living in PPRT flat and drive a cute Kelisa when I started this business, yet I always believe one day I will travel the world and see the beauty of Allah’s creation!


“A dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”


There are people that I have met, who are so passionate to achieve their dream, but only for a period of time. In Malays we called this “Hot Hot Chicken Sh*t”.chickenshit

Ever heard this saying, “When Things Get Tough, The Tough Gets Going”? Thats what separate people who achieve success and those who quit prematurely. Quitters NEVER Win, and Winners NEVER Quit. Period.

“Show me someone who has done something worthwhile, and I’ll show you someone who has overcome adversity. – Lou Holtz”



Know what is the price we need to pay for our dreams… AND Pay the Price! As simple as that. If you want something worthwhile, you have to pay the price. And the currency is sacrifice. Time. Money. Sweat and Blood.

Some people came to me, ask me to be their mentor, ask me to help and guide them so they can achieve what I have achieved, and yet… whenever its time to pay the price… they are not willing to sacrifice their time (leisure or family), not willing to work hard, not willing to face the rejections, not will to go the extra miles, not willing to humble down and learn from others, not willing to spend their time learning from PERSONAL COACHING, FREE CLASSES and SEMINARS that we provide and shy away from their mentor guidance.

“SUCCESS is not for the faint of heart.”

For people with these ATTITUDE, I wish you all the best and one day May Allah provide you with the heart of steel.



Translation: For each one are successive [angels] before and behind him who protect him by the decree of Allah . Indeed, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves. And when Allah intends for a people ill, there is no repelling it. And there is not for them besides Him any patron.

No one can ever change you unless you change your attitude. And you must always be willing to continue to struggle, to fight the hardship until you succeed. Life is full hardship, it will always beat you down, and no matter how hard you fall if you keep getting back up, you will never fail. Never Say Never.



There is always two side of a coin, and two ways to look at everything that happen in our life. As a Muslim, ALWAYS BELIEVE things happen for a reason, and things happen the way Allah want it to happen. Even if the worst thing happen to us, there must be a blessing in it, a lesson to be learned or Kaffarah to cleanse our wrong doings of the past.

ALWAYS BE GRATEFUL. For the more gratitude we shows, the more grateful things we shall receive.

Translation: And [remember] when your Lord proclaimed, ‘If you are grateful, I will surely increase you [in favor]; but if you deny, indeed, My punishment is severe.’

So guys, success is no mystery. If you have the right attitude, success will just be a matter of time. And regardless what your background, history or current situation, if you don’t have the right attitude, BUT you are WILLING to CHANGE your negative attitude, InsyaaAllah, بإذن الله, you will be SUCCESSFUL.


Last but not least, if you NEED a Personal Coach who dares to mould you into a successful business person, come and talk to me. Lets start Living with Passion, Persevere, Willing to Sacrifice Today’s Leisure for Tomorrow’s Pleasure, Never Say Never and Always Be Grateful.

Lets Get to the TOP!

Success Affirmation

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Today’s affirmation..

I am a successful internet multi-millionaire, i surround myself with success, i am successful in all areas of my life, i am a money magnet, wealth comes to me from all directions, i am focused, persistent and have unlimited power, i am powerful creator and i create the life that i dream for, i am committed to my passion and my goals, i sparkle with vitality and energy, my life inspires and motivate people, i am optimistic and i believe things will always work out for the best, my life is fun and rewarding, i am receiving wealth, health, intelligence, strength in abundance everyday!!!

symmetrical-French-château-luxury-mansion Luxury Traditional Style Home Entrance Swirl Staircase Chandelier 133019 French-Chateau-Style-Mansion_2 the-true-cost-of-buying-a-super-luxury-home-around-the-world

Tips Untuk Berjaya

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Semua orang di dunia ni nak berjaya.. tapi kadang-kadang tak tahu caranya..dan kadang-kadang juga, diselubungi 1000 alasan diri sampai tak nampak sebenarnya peluang yang datang padanya, benar-benar boleh buat dia berjaya..

Malam ni Salha nak share sedikit tips (even tengah demam), tapi Salha rase penting untuk share juga..


Tak ada orang yang nak berjaya, negatif mindanya…

Tak ada orang nak berjaya, nak jalan mudah saja..

Tak ada orang yang nak berjaya, yang tak lalui cabaran..

Tak ada orang  yang berjaya, letak 1000 alasan didepan…

Tak ada orang yang nak berjaya, sentiasa mengharapkan kepada orang lain..

Orang yang berjaya, mindanya perlu positive…tak cepat melatah atau buruk sangka pada orang lain..kerana karektor yang sebegini memang hanya bawa pada kegagalan dan kemusnahan dari segi rohaniah…beliau sanggup hadapi segala cabaran dan tak letak langsung alasan didepan..orang yang hidup beralasan takkan kemana…sebab sesiapun di dunia ni boleh kasi alasan..tapi dia perlu faham, kalau benar dia letak alasan di depan, sampai bila pun dia takkan rasa apa itu kejayaan…orang yang berjaya, tak letakkan harapan pada orang lain..kerana, kejayaan ialah atas kaki sendiri…dan jangan sesekali menuding jari kepada orang lain…aku tak berjaya, kerana orang itu..ini..cuba check diri sendiri dan betulkan diri kita sebelum betulkan orang lain..

Dan alang-alang nak jadi orang yang berjaya, jadilah orang berjaya yang luar biasa…sebab ability minda atau potensi seseorang manusia sebenarnya lebih besar dari yang dia sangka..buangkan perasaan takut…sebab takut tak bawak kemana pun…buang masa saje..sebab ingat, kita hanya diberi peluang oleh Allah untuk hidup sekali saja…dan pastikan hidup kita corak hidup kita penuh warna warni, penuh kejayaan, penuh kepuasan dan keredhaan pada Allah…

So lets transform ourselves TODAYYYY!!!!!!!

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Lets watch this video!!!

We can be beyond our imagination!!!



Jom jadi orang yang berjaya, dari tak jadi apa-apa…

Change Your Life Now or Never

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You will never know ‘When is the right time for you?’


Ingat dulu-dulu 3 tahun yg lepas mase Salha baru-baru start business ni…After dah dengar peluang biz ni dari my mentor, Hanis..Salha memang tak sabar sangat nk start…

TAPI…mengenangkan yang Salha ni surirumah..memang takde modal…dalam account bank Salha ade balance RM14.60…itulah hasil bekerja selama hampir 6 tahun tapi tak pernah dapat saving..sebab macamana nk saving…income sebulan kalau  bahagi 30 hari memang just cukup-cukup je..orang panggil income makan gaji ni mmg cukup untuk hari-hari..bukan income untuk saving..so modal mmg takde…masetu pulak..ingat nk pinjam husband tapi die tak kasi Salha buat biz ni..hmm….camane nk start nih???

Selain tu, macam2 halangan lain lagi before salha nk start biz ni…

Anak kedua Salha Irfan baru usia 2 bulan…tengah menyusu lagi..amin pulak baru 1thn setengah…masetu mmg takde bibik..nk ambik bibik pun tak mampu..and taktau nursery mane nk hanta my kids..sebab i tanye2 nursery memang mahal and yelah bile kite dah lame jadi surirumah and jage anak kite sendiri, mmg rase kalau boleh tanak orang lain jage anak kita…hati risau sgt..

Lagi satu, kereta cuma ade satu je…itulah our family car…dulu ade 2 kelisa tapi terpaksa jual satu untuk nk jimat kos..salha fikir camanela aku nk gerak kalau satu kereta ni…husband nk pakai kereta gi kerja..then aku nk buat biz…so howwww?..

Macam2 yang bergelumang dalam fikiran Salha..sampai Salha buntu…i almost give up..tanye pendapat kawan2 salha and a few family members, semuanya tak kasi salha start dulu…”belum lagi..”..”ko tunggulah dulu..” “alah biz ni aku dengar (macam2 bende negative keluar)”..

Bile Hanis tanye, Salha jawab maybe Salha tak dapat nk start lagi coz salha mmg takde modal and keadaan tak mengizinkan…i fikir maybe its not the right time for me..i jawab kat hanis..”nntilah, bile i dah ready i bagitau’..

After that Salha fikir balik…agak2 bila aku ready?? nnti kalau aku lambat, semangat aku pun dah hilang..hanis camane pun akan tetap kedepan and aku pulak kat mane?…takkan asyik duduk and bace blog hanis je…dari aku asyik bace je baik aku follow die..sampai bile aku nk jadi surirumah..sampai bila aku takde saving..anak2 aku makin lame makin besar..nursery, sekolah semua mahal..nk belanje pun cukup2 makan…apa persediaan aku untuk hari tua nnti…bile badan dah tak larat nk bekerja?

Aku takde financial back up langsung…kalaula terjadi ape2 kt suami aku..sakit pening, ajal maut kite tak tau…ish..ape agaknya yang aku ade? mak ayah aku dah nk pencen..siape nk jage diorang nnti..Ya Allah…kuatkanlah hatiku ni Ya Allah…

 From that moment..Salha tanamkan sifat degil…Kalau kite nk berjaya memang kene ade sifat degil ni…Salha terus mintak husband buatkan loan untuk dapatkan modal even mase tu husband still tak kasi..salha tak peduli…sebab yang nk buat bisnes salha..bukan husband salha..so salha ckp..”u tak payah risau, i will make sure takkan sentuh duit gaji u untuk bayar loan u ni” even mastu kepala nk pecah fikir..yeke aku ckp nih…aaaahhh…tak pedulila…buat jee.. and even macam2 obstacle nk dapatkan modal untuk salha start…tapi salha keraskan hati salha untuk buat jugak…kalau tak sekarang then bile lagi…??kannn??

After macam-macam cabaran, perit getir nk mendapatkan modal..Alhamdulillah…akhirnya salha berjaya kumpul modal and terus tak tunggu lagi untuk mula bisnes ni..

I always believe that, “Journey of a thousand miles begin with the first step….”

So inilah langkah pertamaku..


Let’s make a CHANGE!!!

If we want to make a change in our life…we must go through a transition period dimana kat situ macam2 cabaran yang kite dapat sebelum nk mula…hati tak tenang, jantung berdebar-debar, semangat hanya kt hujung tanduk je…sentiasa 50-50..nk ke tanak..semua akan lalui bende yang same..and macam2 anasir yang manghasut supaya kite tak berubah…dr orang yang terdekat dgn kite sampaila yang ke jauh…syaitan iblis pun turut menyumbang jugak..manekan tidak, bila ade umat Islam nk memajukan diri mereka and nk bantu umat Islam yang lain…perkara tula paling dibenci Iblis..tapi kalau kita yang keraskan hati and dapat go thru segala cabaran dan bisikan, itulah petanda die nk berjaya..

Ade jugak bile dapat je cabaran camni, terus lemah and they just give up..orang camni memang sampai bile2 pun camnila..same je..tanak berubah…Ade yang lagi best… bile dapat cabaran, die kate maybe itu petunjuk dari Allah untuk jangan buat bisnes ni…what???

Cube tanye semua orang berjaya kt dunia ni…contohnya Donald Trump??

Agak2 beliau takde masalah ke?

Agak2 beliau langsung takde cabaran ke?

Beliau terus jadi billionaire ke?

So kesimpulannya kt sini… Semuanya bermula dari kite… Kalau kite tak mula sekarang, bile lagi??? Kite takkan tau when is the right time for us.. Kalau kite tunggu je…mungkin mase tu cabaran dan halangan lain pulak yg datang…

Rezeki yang Allah datangkan kt kite, ialah tanpa kite sangka..tanpe kite bersedia..Hanya Allah sahaja Maha Mengetahui bile mase yg terbaik untuk kite…TAPI bile rezeki dah datang kt kite and kite tolak, seperti kite dah tolak rezeki Allah..

Bile Salha dah 3 tahun dalam bisnes ni…Macam-macam perubahan yang berlaku kt salha…group salha makin lame makin besar..Salha rase bersyukur sgt coz Salha degilkan and keraskan hati salha mase salha mula-mula nk start biz ni…just dlm 3 tahun je my life change 360’…Alhamdulillah syukurr…

And now, i just want to move forward..i want to go through more beautiful experiences after this.. I believe, there are more to come…

Alhamdulillah..syukur Ya Allah atas segala-galanya…sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pemurah dan Maha Penyayang…

Time and Tide Wait for No Man.
Sedetik kita bertangguh, Seminggu masa berlalu.
Salha Menanti Anda Semua di Puncak Kejayaan!
Mulakan Langkah Anda dari Sekarang!

CDM Salha Zain
012 – 222 9453


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Mase baru2 kahwin, masing2 baru nk mula hidup..ingat lagi gaji salha dan hubby dlm lingkungan 2000-3000 je camtu..so duduk rumah flat kos rendah je mampu..sewa rm500 sebulan…ingat lagi..tempat2 sgt2 high density and parking sempit and kene bergaduh dulu baru jumpe..and lift cume ade satu je untuk flat 18 tkt ni…bayangkan..

But dulu salha pernah terbaca satu quote from Robert Kiyosaki (Financial Guru)..”We’re just BROKE, but we’re not POOR”..BROKE is situation and POOR is mentality…and i dont want to be categorized in POOR MENTALITY…coz nnti tanak anak2 kite pun jadi camtu..and dalam Islam pun, Allah sayangkan hambaNya yang berusaha..so starting from here lah..i started to change…

Any opportunity yg dtg, salha ambil and salha cube..i dont mind if i fail few times coz its a sign of success…takde org yg berjaya yg tak pernah gagal.. Sehingga la salha jumpe biz ni and now Alhamdulillah dah pegang 6 angka sebulan…maybe berkat dr salha sentiasa berusaha, Allah beri rezeki ni untuk salha..

Maksudnya kat sini…kite jangan cepat kalah dgn diri kite sendiri or kalah dgn alasan yang kite create sendiri..semua orang boleh berubah..kene buang perasaan takut sebab perasaan takut just mainan minda kite je..

Ramai org tanye ape petua kejayaan salha.. and my answer is…


Salha Zain by Rizalman Ibrahim

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Salam and Hi ols…

Before Salha sambung update pasal my Holland/Belgium trip, Salha nak update sikit my visit to Rizalman Sposa to see my beloved childhood dream designer, none other than RIZALMAN IBRAHIM himself, nak finalise and fitting dress for Diamond Night 2012.

Ok dah sampai… mula dah berdebar2. Almaklumlah… Tak sabar nak tgk my dress and jumpa my favorite designer.

For those yang belum lagi berkesempatan ke rizalman sposa ni, here is a sneak peek. Memang best feeling masuk butik rizalman ni. Very classy, elegant and clean design.

My protege Dewi pun tempah dress dengan rizalman jugak. Happy sangat bila my business partner pun sama-sama merasa apa yang Salha rasa. Lepas ni kalau boleh lagi ramai tempah dress kat sini. 🙂

Dream Comes True! Time ni actually paling best. Ketawa tak berhenti. Hanya yang ada kat situ jer tau. Tak sangka Rizalman boleh layan kitorang camni. LOL!
HAPPY! To all the my readers out there, who share the same dream with me, one day you can also be in this picture. I still remember few years back, kalau tengok artis-artis, kerabat-kerabat pakai dress Rizalman, telan air liur ajerla. Tapi I selalu berangan, selalu pasang impian, yang satu hari nanti Salha nak jugak tempah baju dengan my Dream Designer ni. Alhamdulillah, kalau Salha boleh, you all pun boleh.

The important thing is to dare to dream big, then take action to make it come true.

Salha Zain

Azam Tahun baru 2011…

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Salam semua…sorry sgt lame tak update coz salha busy betul lately…ok kite mulakan dengan Azam Tahun Baru..

Apa azam tahun baru anda????

Heehe…as for me…

Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah ke atas keberkatan usia yang dikurniakan kepada Salha sekeluarga..Memang banyak perubahan yang berlaku pada Salha sepanjang tahun 2010 until now..

Dulu2…ingaaaat lagi….setiap kali tahun baru je..rasenye macam biase saje…Tapi bile Salha masuk biznes, i sentiasa ade target dan focus…Bile ade target, kite akan jadi semakin sharp dan berani hadapi segala cabaran semata2 untuk capai impian kita..

Jadi tahun 2011 ni Salha benar2 berazam agar semakin banyak lagi perubahan positif yg berlaku…InsyaAllah…

Tahun ni Salha berazam..

1) Pangkat CDM

Just around the corner…i nk jadikan sebagai pembuka tirai tahun 2011 ni…salha nk jadi macam my leader CDM Hanis…very inspiring leader…InsyaAllah..i will be like u dear…

2) Dream car..

Ini adalah H.A.R.U.S!!!

Dah lame i idam nk bawak kete bmw…sampai naik Vios rase cam naik BMW…tengah tunggu ni mane tah tak sampai2…!!

3) Nak jadi seorang leader yang akan melahirkan ramai leader yang boleh dapat income 5-6 angka..

Hanis (my leader) RM150k

Adliza -RM 18k

Me -RM40k

next will be..(dh hampir dah)






4) Hong Kong trip..

Nak bawak ramai2 ke HK…Girls!Let’s do it together!!

Setakat ni baru 6 orang- and ramai yang dah sebelah kaki lagi nk gi HK…so teruskan usaha..

5) Income…

Tahun ni salha betul2 nk dapat income rm100k a month…tak sabar sgt..my leader dah buktikan…now its my turn…Kalau hanis boleh, insyaAllah salha pun boleh coz salha dibawah pimpinan beliau..bile kite betul2 ikut orang yang yang dah berjaya..InsyaAllah kite pun akan berjaya…jgn ikut orang yang tak berjaya…memangla kite tak kemana…sentiasa rujuk pada pemimpin yang betul..biz ni its all about Follow The Steps and Follow The Leader!!

6) Bawa mak dan ayah menunaikan haji…

InsyaAllah tahun ni…dah mintak mak ayah daftar dh untuk gi haji tahun ni…itulah impian mak and ayah salha…still teringat dulu2…masetu salha still surirumah..and mak salha dulu jual kuih raya..mak pernah ckp ” nanti kalau mak kumpul2 duit kuih tart ni nanti, tahun depan mak boleh gi haji”…jantung salha rase nk jatuh jap sbb sedih sgt…coz salha tau if dgn kuih tart camanela nk gi haji…mau mak kene tunggu 10 tahun baru boleh pegi…mak pun dh makin tua..tapi tahun ni camanepun salha akan pastikan kaki mak ayah salha akan jejak di masjidil haram…insyaAllah..insyaAllah…

7) Savings

This year target RM500k…and awal next year, tak sabar salha nk bergelar millionnaire….

Hehe…dulu rase cam sampai mati pun nk jadi jutawan tu macam mimpi jelaaaaa…tapi dgn biz ni, impian nk jadi jutawan macam dekat sgt dah…tak sangka a fulltime housewife with ZERO income pun berjaya pegang income 5 figure setiap bulan, berjaya bawa BMW,berjaya luaskan empayar perniagaan hampir 30 negara seluruh dunia and hampir bergelar jutawan…Alhamdulillah syukur pada Allah…

Jadi, kalau salha boleh buat…anda pun boleh juga…WHAT U HAVE TO DO ialah..

FOLLOW  LEADER yang betul..yang dh berjaya…jangan follow org yang tak berjaya or orang yg langsung tak buat biz ni atau forum2 yang tak berfaedah diluar sane…Harus rapatkan diri dgn pemimpin kite…coz diela sifu kite…ikut apa saja yang die buat..sentiasa rujuk die…CONFIRM kite dapat jadi cam die…cthnya memang dh terbukti…salha memang ikut hanis..sampai orang panggil kami KEMBAR…dulu income hanis waktu DDM dalam RM30-40k..now salha pun DDM and dapat income macam tu…bile hanis jd CDM income rm150k…u all rase income i akan jadi macam tu tak bile i CDM…CONFIRM BOLEH….That’s what i call FOLLOW THE LEADER…

MATLAMAT kene firm…jangan berubah2 setiap mase…kalau bulan ni kita nk capai sesuatu.. WORK ON IT…kene ade time frame…jgn delay matlamat anda…bile dh terbiasa delaaaay je…jadi goal kite pun tah kemana…lame2 makin jauhla kite ngan matlamat kite…

ISTIQAMAH…buat berterusan…dont ever give up easily…bile jatuh bangkit semula…salha, hanis,even kak ana pun pernah jatuh..tapi kami tak pernah give up…cuba bygkan if kak ana give up, agak2 kak ana dapat ke jadi multi-millionnaire…income rm1.5 mil a month…jadi one of the most successful multi millionnaire entrepreneur di Malaysia ni…tersenarai dalam Top 10 multi-millionnaire di majalah Personal Money, dapat Award Empowerment of Women of The Year..

BERKORBAN…kalau nk berjaya perlu ade banyak pengorbanan…pengorbanan masa, tenaga, duit…bayangkan yeh…Kite nk berjaya, nk jadi jutawan, nk pegang income juta-juta…tapi tanak korban masa…nk dok relax kat rumah,nk tido golek2 depan tv…rase2, kalau macam ni boleh jadi jutawan tak..hmm…fikirkan…

Something To Share..

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How to be rich?

Let’s face it, if you want to get rich there is literally nothing stopping you other then your own will to do so. Books have been written on the matter, everyone talks about it and it’s true. Being rich is easy just like riding a bicycle, and hundreds of thousands of millionaires in the world prove it. On average they are not much smarter then the rest of the population, if having brains is what you thought takes to be rich. No, they are only more persistent and more willing to be rich then others .

– Quest for Financial Freedom and Personal Financial Statement-