CDM, DDM, Jam Tangan – July 2012

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It was Ramadhan Kareem and it was the birth of a new Crown Diamond Manager, two Double Diamond Manager and one Jam Tangan Qualifier (RM100,000 sales in a month) under the flagship of CDM Salha Zain & Green Leaders Academy Malaysia (GLAM).

Congratulations to CDM Lily Jasmin, DDM Hazawani, DDM Hazelin, DSM Ieda Rani and the rest of the qualifiers for that night.

Enjoy the pictures!

cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 04

With DSM Ieda Rani. Jam Tangan Qualifier and also PARIS & LONDON qualifier. 🙂

cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 05

DDM Wani & DDM Hazelin receiving Business Premium Pen from CDM Hajah Siti Rohana.

corset premium beautiful business online 01

(Pic credit: hanishaizi.com)
cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 06

Highlight of the Night. Inauguration CDM Lily Jasmin Halim.

It feels just like yesterday when I first shared the Business Opportunity with her and hubby. And just a year after that, she is now crowned as CDM!

Inspiring mumpreneur who left her high position in Corporate world to built this business to have more time with her loved ones. No doubt corporate pays well, but as she climbed higher, she is trading her time with her children and become more unhappy and stressed. In her own words “Unhappy mom will raise unhappy children”.

Alhamdulillah, through this business, she is now a HAPPY mumprenuer! Well done.
cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 01corset premium beautiful business onlineAnd Reward from GREEN LEADERS ACADEMY MALAYSIA (GLAM)- a designer handbag! From TOD’s. (Pic credit: hanishaizi.com)

cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 03

CHANEL brooch awaits for those who achieved DDM level. Only from GLAM!

cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 07

Usual Green Leaders Group O-Group. Jammed Pack!

cdm ddm jamtangan aug 2012 02

Last but not least, as more and more success stories will be written here, lets not just watched it happen before our eyes. Why not let YOURSELF be featured here? These women are just as ordinary as we are, yet through the right business, the right mentoring and the right group, they have ACHIEVED so much!

So, why WAIT? Make a MOVE. 1-2 year is just a short period of time to get what you want. COME and JOIN US! We WORK HARD, but also PLAY HARD. 🙂

right now
I’ll see you at the TOP!

CDM Salha Zain

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