Dior Trunk Show..

By 16 June, 2012June 22nd, 2012Premium Beautiful

Last Wednesday, we’ve been invited by Dior Starhill to the Trunk Show as VVIPs to have the first view for their latest collections..and the most special part is, Dior Starhill invite us as their first guest of the day means the first Dior guest in Malaysia to have a look at all their limited edition collections…what an honour!!! Thanks Dior..

And this is my favourite bag of the day..

and this..

Yup.. Lady Dior is one of my wishlist of 2012..

I will get either one of it for sure..

and after that, we had our fantastic dinner at Shook Starhill..

yup..what is so fantastic is, I proudly present you, the “GREEN TOP LEADERS GROUP“…

and Alhamdulillah, berkat usaha me and Hanis being the PIONEER in the internet biz in Facebook and Blog, our biz is growing bigger and bigger…syukur…

I’m hoping that, kami akan melahirkan millionaires2 Premium Beautiful seramai mungkin.. not just in Malaysia but all around the world..insyaAllah…

So let’s join our TEAM!!

012-222 9453





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