Donald Trump – Think Big!!

” If you want to be success, you have to get used to frequently hearing the word no and ignoring it. As a child, when your mother told you no, your father told you no the teacher told u no, if you were a good little boy or girl, you listened to the word no and stopped what you were doing. That is why 98% of adults are conditioned to stop when they hear the word no. Quitters do not get anywhere. You will not be successful if you listen to nos.

If you want to be in the top 2 % you have to get real. In business you are not dealing with your mother, your father or your teacher. People are not looking out for you. They do not want the best of you. They are looking out for themselves. When most people say no, they are doing it to further their own ends. Do not let somebody’s arbitrary “no” stop you..find a way to turn the “no” into “yes” or find creative way sides step the “no”. Do not let anybody stop you!

– source from Donald Trump book series:

“Think Big-Make it Happen in Business and Life”

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