Free Macbook Air, iPad 2 and Asus Netbook!

By 13 October, 2011February 23rd, 2012Success Story

Siapa nak Macbook Air, iPad 2 and Asus Netbook for FREE?

Senang jer, join business ni dan buat betul-betul, InsyaAllah macam-macam ganjaran you all boleh dapat. Especially if you join the right group (proven to shows results everymonth), chances are one day you will be like US!

Ok, unlike the usual anugerah jam tangan (RM100,000 sales in a month), this month we have a new of challenge. Ada different2 categories but basically its for the TOP LEADERS (CDM lama dan baru) and alhamdulillah myself and THE GROUP performed. In other words, kejayaan bersama kumpulan. So, I tak plan nak citer panjang, jom scroll tengok gambar excellent achievers award from yours truly group! 😉

Of course, my leader/BFF lead the way with her Macbook Air award (6 legs jam tangan). Congratz dearie! InsyaALlah lepas ni kalau ada lagi challenge macam ni I plak nak. Hehe.. 😉

Mewakili diriku yang tak dapat hadir ke kelas smalam (coz I’m in Singapore now) is my beloved hubby. I dapat ASUS Netbook! (Lahirkan CDM baru in September and 4 pemenang anugerah jam tangan).

My beloved prodigy, the newly crowned CDM Adliza (becoming new CDM in September and produce 2 pemenang anugerah jam tangan). Hebat!! Congratz dear!!!

Last but not least, all winners under 1 HAPPY (and PRODUCTIVE) FAMILY! (From left: Wakil CDM Salha, CDM Razali, CDM Abg Lan, CDM Kak Ana, CDM Hanis Haizi, CDM Adliza, CDM Maisarah). Congratz All!



To all my readers and leaders, if we can do it, SO CAN YOU!

Kalau you all ada kemahuan dan azam yg betul2, kecil tapak tangan, nyiru tapak tangan SALHA ZAIN tadahkan. Join the TEAM now and lets FLY!

I wait for your calls ok. 012-222 9453 / salha2910@gmail.com

Yours Truly,
Salha Zain

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