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By 28 September, 2009October 7th, 2009Business

Today is Monday..i knnoooww….its monday blues….lagi2 after a looong holiday and we ‘re still in Raya mood…yee..i knoowww…hihihi…

Ok..as for me..even i work from home, i pun ade monday blues jugak…rase cam tak puas raye lagi kan…open house pun still byk lagi..hihi…but..some way some how, perasan tak our cashflow sangatla laju raye baru2 ni…i pun same..even berbelanje dalam keadaan berjimat pun but still laju jugak…..hihihi…

Ok camni…for me, its OK if kite nk berbelanje lebih sikit..lagipun raye setahun sekali…sometimes kite nk jugak reward ourselves yang dh penat kerja setahun kan…takpe, dont worry..

So now, what i can suggest…why not we make more money…try to make today is a fresh new start for all of us…if i say add RM ****.** on top of our monthly income ok tak…?

Jom kite top up balik duit kite mase raye haritu…this is the perfect time for us to start..Lets make more money!!..yeah!!

If u want to know more about this, yup u can email me but i suggest the best thing is we meet up over lunch hour or after work coz if we want to talk about business we cant just do it by email..am i rite..??..

This is my no 012-222 9453..call terus pun senang..takyah malu2..hihi..

Don’t worry.. Be happy!!!



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  • hanis Haizi says:

    i pun x puas beraya lgg……….. tp biznes tetap kene jalankn kan? as for us, kita x terikat dgn time sgt tu yg best.. td adik2 i mengeluh nak gi kelas esok. hihihih

    • Salha Zain says:

      tulah…raye..raye jugak…lepas raye kene top up balik duit yg dh banjer haritu kan..kan..oh yeke…wani and iza..sekelasla kite..hihihi….

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