Gossip Girl Chuck & Blair..

Since season 1 i’m addicted to this show..especially..the existence of this 2 young couple which i can say the Edward and Bella tv version make me crave to watch it more and more…
Finally, in the last episode of season 2..Chuck said he loves Blair..not once but so many..many times..i think after what Blair has gone through with chuck..she really deserve it..she really deserve a guy who love her just the way she is..they really not like other couple that going to movies and such..they’re more than that…i love them both so much…looooooooooove youuuu!!

Im also like to say thank god to whoever named Reely who create this beautiful video of Chuck’s love and emotion to Blair..it really shows how deeeeeeeeep that Chuck loves Blair..to Reely..u deserve so much credit too…bravo!!!


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