Great Singapore Sale!!!

Great Singapore sale is back!!…starting 29 May – 26 July 2009....hohho..sape2 yang pernah shopping mase sale nih..memang diorang pun akan kata the sale is really really great…tak percaye?…cubelah..hihihi…so ladies…ape lagi…pack up your things, book your flight ticket, and mariiiiii kite!!!!



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  • azah says:

    betul..betul… great singapore sale sangat bes… tp christmas sale pon bes gak… tgh2 tahun ni tak dapat nak amik cuti la nak gi singapore 🙁 kene tunggu hujung tahun baru bleh cuti… bila salha nak gi 😀

    • Salha Zain says:

      betul..betul..betul..krismas pon best sgt sale die…pastu paling best amik2 gmba kt orchard road..huuhu…

  • Clara says:

    Great post! Hmnn have you came across the site Tarazz.com? Its an online shopping site too, the good thing is you can shop online from Amazon and they will automatically convert US dollars into Singapore dollars. you might wanna check it out! XD

  • mrssyediz says:

    u nk turun singapore?
    i kirim something kalau u pegi.
    do ctc me @ my emaill ya!

  • mrssyediz says:

    yay! ni my email address
    deyuda_yeni [at] yahoo [dot] com

    thanks tau!

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