iPhone 5, I HEART YOU!

Everybody has been waiting for the thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever and finally it is HERE!

iPhone 5. I finally got my hands on it. Yayyyyy! This thing should last me for a while. Since Apple releases a new model every once a year anyway. So yes!!! Here I go with the latest brand new iPhone 5!

Just a quick review, why I love the new iPhone 5.

First of all, the front camera. Its a brand new and better facetime (aka camwhore) camera compare to the previous version. So, from now on, no more low quality picture when taking the pictures of the gorgeous Ms. Salha Zain. 🙂

Talking about the speed, iPhone 5 is like a Ferrari compared to a Kancil. Sometimes I feel the Apps just launched way before I even clicked the icon. Its that fast! Haha..

Last but not least, it is so much lighter, thinner than iPhone 4. First time holding it, I thought it was just a phone casing. So light… Good job, Apple! 😉

Oh by the way, unlike Androids… I never heard Apple phone corrupted by malware or virus. Peace of mind. Hmmm…

So my final verdict… iPhone 5 is worth every penny, I’m loving  it and I’m pretty sure you will too 🙂

Say goodbye to my iPhone 4 and Hello iPhone 5! 🙂

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