Irfan Khairi Jutawan Termuda…


Temubual Irfan Khairi bersama Personal Money Magazine.

Baru-baru ini Irfan Khairi ditemubual oleh majalah Personal Money.
Insyaallah akan keluar bulan depan sebagai cover story.

Berikut salah satu soalan (dan jawapan) yang diberikan ketika
temubual 😉

Personal Money: In your opinion, what distinguishes you from other
non-millionaires youth? How do you do things differently?

Irfan Khairi: I think its “a good start“. I wouldn’t say I work harder than
others, or work longer hours than others… but a good start of
having a goal at the age of 18, and reaching it at the age of 25.

It’s like a rocket where you need full power & intense power to
lift of from the earth. Once the rocket is out at the atmosphere,
gravity will do the rest.

I too listen to music, go to the movies, watch DVD’s and go out. No
different from other youths, but starting early, realizing how
important it is to have a goal, and working towards the goal gives
me an upper hand.
Starting early and giving all you got at the beginning really
helps. I would say “a good start” is how I do it differently.


Dulu salha ingat lagi mase 1st join the biz, peringkat permulaan nk buat biz memang paling mencabar..
Sebab tulah peringkat untuk kite ubah hidup kite dari biase ke luar biase..
Tapi Alhamdulillah, i dah lepas stage tu..
So, untuk sesiape yang nk mengubah hidup and still belum lepas the 1st stage..believe me..memang susah sangat but after that everything gonna be ok..dont worry…k..
P/s: Irfan Khairi has been my idol that inspires me so much!!

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