Mase i bekerja dulu..i always asked myself..Where im heading to?…..What is my goal?…What i have achieved so far?…

Ho ok..

1) Where im heading to?

I can say i’ve started from a ‘local pharmaceutical company’ to ‘the world largest international bank’ in just only 5 years..hurmm..its great already..don’t you think??

2) What is my goal?

I’ve started my job as an International Sales Executive and working in a small cubicle to the position of  the Wealth Manager and i have my own huge space like my own room and situated at the 2nd floor which only 3 managers on that floor and we like conquer the place..i achieve that position in only 5 years and at my age of 27.. its like a dream to everybody…especially people like my age..am i rite??

3) What i achieved so far?

Yes..i really cant wait to tell you this..as the neverending goal getter like me..i achieved the Top Performer with RM34 million worth of sales and been Top 5 Wealth Manager in Malaysia..im not just achieved my goal but exceed it…dont you think thats cool enough..??

Ho ok…the next question i asked myself..

So..Do you really satisfy with you work??

The answer is…ermmm…Nop..i dont think so!!…because..to be the top of the list you need to work your ass off..you need to be extraordinary from everyone else..your workload is skyhigh..after subuh dah kene bertolak gi office..redah jam everyday..boleh jamla kepale..or another option amik LRT..so imagine pulak kene beratur panjang and berhimpit2la dalam tuh..nasib baik boleh bernafas..everyday balik keje sampai rumah at 8pm…tu belum ckp pasal stress lagik…i memang stress sgt2…cam everyday bleh kene migrainla..ok pastu..mane pulak mase nk spend time ngan my son and family..everyday bolehlah gurau2 ngan my son 2 jam before die tido then esok subuh2 dh kene hanta nursery and the situation is go on and on and on and oooooooooooooooon……..adekah sampai tua i camni…sampai bile nk habis nii…huhuhu…

So i’ve decided to do something with my life..Im seeking for something that can give me more time with my family and dapat income yang best at the same time..Alhamdulillah…believe it or not..i achieved that already…

Everyday i start my work at 12pm and keje like 3 jam sehari and balik umah kul 3pm everyday…the happiest moment is when i amik my 2 sons from nursery nmpk muke diorang happy sgt coz diorang balik paling awal from the rest..and balik umah siap sempat bawak swimming2 or main2 kat playground..sempat masak and dinner same2..oh wow..wat a day..income pun best..im like building our future family funds…then, education funds for my 2 sons…manela tau in the future nanti PTPTN dah takde..sekarang pun i dgr nk dapat half loan pun susah, lagila 20 tahun akan datang..mau haru mase tu baru nk carik duit…kalau i keje cam dulu2 memang takde saving langsung..kalau nk saving boleh…tapi kene cut budget utk makan and all..hmm..bile budget boleh ke nk shopping..erkk!!..jawab sendirila..

so…i bersyukur sangat…..Wat i do is.. i just have to decide, thats all!!..its not such a rocket science to do..its just..D.E.C.I.D.E!!..after all its my life…kalau kite tak ubah sape lagi..kalau kite susah..ade orang nk tolong..ermm..i dont think so..kite je yang tau camane keadaan kite every month..kite je yang tau camane gabra nye kite depan atm machine bile tengok balance duit yg tinggal…

so..then..jgn nk lengah2 dah..time is running so fast..masa itu berhargaaaaa….ni i baru share in writing..nk share face to face pun boleh takde hal..


DECIDE…for your own good…

ok bye!!


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