What “Merdeka” Means to Me…

By 31 August, 2014September 2nd, 2014Personal

It has been 57 years since Tunku proclaimed “MERDEKA” at the Dataran Merdeka.  For all the young generations who never knew how our parents and grandparents struggled before the Merdeka, we can easily ignored the blessing we have now.

So, what does MERDEKA means to me?

#1. Merdeka means great blessing from Allah and for that I am always thankful to HIM every seconds of my everyday. Without Freedom, we are no difference from our brothers and sisters in Gaza, whose life everyday is under threat.

#2. Merdeka also means freedom of choice. Choice to choose our own Faith, to be whoever we want to be and choice to pursue whatever dreams our heart desire. Since I was a child, I always wanted special someones to love, fun things to do, luxurious stuff to own, places to visit, a business to grow and be somebody. Alhamdulillah, Malaysia is the best place to achieve whatever my hearts desire.

#3. Merdeka means living and raising my children and my family peacefully in my Baiti Jannati. We might not be living in our own dream home yet (InsyaaAllah soon – Mama promise), but we know wherever we lived in this country, our home is where our heart is.

For that, thank you Allah, thank you to all Malaysia freedom fighters. Malaysia Tanah Tumpahnya Darahku.

Happy Merdeka Malaysia. Disini Lahirnya Sebuah Cinta.


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