Michael Jackson..I Love You!!!!!

Almost 3 days i stucked with You Tube..watching every single thing about Michael Jackson…im SO SAD after i heard the shocking news about him leaving us already…i cant ever imagine how’s the world going without him..he not supposed to die..i mean not yet..oh my!!im SO SAD!!! my heart is tore apart..he such a loving, caring, gentle person, unbelievably talented, charming and i dare to say that NO ONE in the music industry could compare with him..no one can replace him..NO ONE…

Something about him that inspires me so much…i couldn’t describe it in words..and one more thing, you know what..he is one of our brothers in Islam…YES..he’s a Muslim…oh God i cry…………


You are not alone
For I am here with you
Though you’re far away
I am here to stay
For you are not alone
For I am here with you
Though we’re far apart
You’re always in my heart

And i like this vid so much..it shows the real him….enjoying the moments with his friends…just like one of us…i watch it like 20 times already…..

and this one…it makes me cry for 2 days….

I love Michael…so much!!
May God bless you..

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  • Darwisha says:

    dear salha, while a lot of people in the world grieve with his depart, i think it’s not quite right for you to say things like he’s not suppose to die. Jangan menidakkan ketentuan Allah. Ingatlah, dunia ini hanya pinjaman dan mimpi semata2. He has now gone back untuk mengadap Penciptanya, where he will be forever. Kita yang tinggal hanya boleh mendoakan kesejahteraannya.

  • Salha Zain says:

    Darwisha…wat i mean is i still cant accept the fact that he already gone…coz i love him so much…he is a great human being on earth…huhuhu…but after i’ve read about his autopsy result today..even it makes me more sad but i realize that he suffered enough of his illness and maybe it time for him to go…oh god..im so saaaaddd…

  • kak minn says:

    He was in pain since the surgery (ies) he gone thru..so it’s time for him to let go the traumatic impact of the artificial beauty he had. What lesson he taught us…that transforming a God’s gift is a painful experience coz nobody gets everything perfect..only God is Perfect!

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