My Little Sunshine…

Do you agree with me yang anak2 kite ni penyejuk hati…even masalah camane pun yg kite hadapi boleh hilang terus after pandang wajah anak2 kite…terus sejuk je hati….my 2nd baby sekarang semakin membesar ni semakin byk dh gelagat die…active mengalahkan abang die..tak taula cane besar sket nanti…huhuhu…











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  • eicah says:

    cantik gambar..kecik2 lagi dah belah rambut tepi..comey!!

  • alfaath says:

    Qurrata a’yun….

    time baik memang lah sejuk hati… tapi time diorang ni buat hal… arghhhh!!!! nak tercabut rambut guer… anyhow, i am proud with how amin turns out as a brother. i can foresee a great, loving and responsible brother in the making. 🙂

    • Salha Zain says:

      hahaha…kan..kene sabar byk2 jage diorang ni huhuhu…iyup proud of you too..for being a great father..hihii…

  • eyna says:

    awak…. anak awak lapar laaa tuu.. :p..
    dia dah geget jari… nak tumbuh gigi ehhhh 🙂

  • hanis Haizi says:

    nampak cam baby girl lak irfan pakai pink! hhe

  • Ame O. says:

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