Just found this young and talented designer…Bile tgk her design i terus ckp..wow…classy…seriously elegant baju2 die..as for me…i really appreciate baju2 designer compared to anything else coz for me its like an art…and i would say…utk designer muda and can design like this, yup…i salute…!!

“Nurita Harith, passionate and ambitious; has always had an ardour and eye for Fashion and the Arts. Her passion lies in the Arts and the use and interesting silhouettes. Before pursuing her Bachelor of Fashion Design at Surrey Institute of Art in London, she was a fine arts major and had done sculptures before, which undoubtedly has helped her in developing her own individual style.”

p/s: pagi tadi terus call her utk tempah baju raya…hihi….im really wanna wear one of her design di pagi raya…and my theme for this hari raya will be green tiffany or mint green..hihi…


012-222 9453




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