Paris Jackson Speech..

This is the first ever appearance from Michael Jackson daughter and her last speech to her father…

I stayed up until 4am to watch Michael Memorial ceremony and it makes me cry and my heart tore apart even more…But life must go on..Michael has lived his life at the fullest and achieved his greatest dream that someone couldn’t ever achieved..

Now, one thing that we must ask ourselves…what we have achieved so far…???

I keep asking myself that question…and everytime the question sparks in my head, it makes me so miserable…it makes me realized that how small i am..and how much time that im wasted..

Starting from today…i dont want to waste my time anymore..life is so short…really2 short…but i believe that it never too late to start on something…yup, i want to be like him…i want to live my life at the fullest…i want to achieve my dream…i want to be the best of me….i want to be extraordinary..i am me…someone who i really could proud of…I dont know how i will get all this but what i need to do is to believe…really2 believe myself that i can have it someday…Ya Allah…Please show me the way.. and guide me.. to be the best of me…

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