Personal Assistant WANTED!!!

By 21 November, 2012August 31st, 2016Business

I bet u all know this movie..right??!!

I want to hire a Personal Assistant..

Who want to be SALHA ZAIN’s Personal Assistant…??

I love to hire someone that meet these 10 criterias..i love someone who..

1. Can work Multitasking

 2. Really love and understands fashion.. Know how to dress up of course..

3. Love make up

4. Can speak and write in English very very well..

5. Have great interpersonal skill, good personality and always smile

6. Can walk the red carpet with me

7. Can answer my call anytime anywhere

8. Can also share new ideas with me

9. Love socializing with people

10. Can also do some shopping for me

Yup, I want to hire someone who is exactly like this movie!!!

Send your resume to my email






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