How to get your perfect figure for Hari Raya???

We have 4 more months to go!!

1) First of all, wear your Premium Beautiful!!


The first thing in the morning that u should do…because it is so comfortable so u can wear it throughout the day…Make sure that u wear it for 8 hours a day…just perfect for working ladies!! And for Stay at Home Mum, you have more flexible time!!

2) Eat healthy foods..




Start your day with cereals or protein shakes…and be creative in preparing your foods that includes every nutrients with high protein and low carbs…eats lotsa lotsa fruits…

3) Do some exercises



U can start to register yourself to gym near to your place…or maybe u like to jogging or even dancing…just do whatever exercise that you love and enjoy…everything will works…u can even wear your Premium Beautiful to gym,to jog or dance coz its so comfortable… Plus, the F.I.R (far infrared rays) that was embedded in Premium beautiful will help to increase you metabolic rate so u can double the effect and of course double the results!!

So lets try starting today coz we have 4 months more before Raya…

Just follow the 3 steps above and you will definitely  get your perfect body!!

For those who still dont have Premium Beautiful yet…don’t worry coz the sale still ON!!Book your set now!!

016-322 9453 / 012-2229453


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  • aini Zaini says:


    I would like to have one PB… how can i purchase with installment pacakage?



  • lyn says:

    nk tnya, sya da pki PB almost 3 mths. so far hepi sgt sgt da nmpk perubahan..spare tyre pun semakin nipis dan nmpk makin slim..ahaks! berat bdn dr 53 kg da turun ke 51kg. so, bila da semakin kurus ni rasa pki PB ni mcm longgar je. sya suka yg ketat2..jd sya nk tnya, bole ke kita tukar size? or kena beli yg lain? for ur info, sya pki nipper size 76, girdle size 82. punggung da semakin kecil, dr 39″ ke 36″… pls advice.

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