Premium Beautiful Special Raya Promotion…!!

THOUSANDS has experienced the MAGIC of PB..



We’re having extra special promotion for Raya…

EXTRA SPECIAL price will be given + lotsa FREE GIFT worth of HUNDREDS of Ringgit !!!!

Sales open for 2 WEEKS only!!

NEW SETS Fresh from the oven..


We will make sure that you will get MAXIMUM Satisfaction!!

We accept CASH or INSTALLMENT payment

We do shipping for WORLDWIDE right to your doorstep…!!

Do U want to know more about this??

Call me at 012-2229453


Nurul 019-2172608

(for Putrajaya,Bangi,Kajang)

Be Healthy, Stylish and Beautiful!!!!!

Coz you’re worth it!!!!


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  • ida says:

    how much the price?
    how about the installment payment?

    • Salha Zain says:

      Ida dear, the price according to your size…u ade contact no or email dear??nanti i call or msg u all the info…

  • ida says:

    i think ive spoken to a friend of mind…nurul…

  • liza says:

    sy ade beli tp dah lame..skg dah x bleh pakai…seb PB tu besa dr sy pye size..cik nurul bleh arrange x utk alter size? seb sy dgr PB ade warranty seumur idup..

  • June says:

    salha, saya ada beli satu set PB ni (girdle, bengkung & short bra) dari one of agent. tapi kan bila saya pakai girdle tu, kenapa saya rasa ia menyesakkan tudung dada saya. for your info, badan saya ni pendek. so bila pakai girdle, ianya akan kena pada tulang bawah dada which is membuatkan saya rasa tak selesa at all. can u explain why? is it because of wrong size ke apa ya?

    • Salha Zain says:

      oh june…kene ade cara pakai yang betul untuk yang bertorso pendek..jap, if u dont mind i boleh ajarkan u cara pakai…ni my no 012-2229453…yours?kite calling2 nak..

  • June says:

    salha, thanks. sorry baru baca your reply hari ni. Alhamdulillah ni dah almost 2 weeks pakai, saya dah mula rasa selesa pakai PB ni. memang best, especially time2 puasa ni. perut tak lapar sangat. tu yang paling saya suka. & my gastrik Alhamdulillah baru sekali je menyerang sepanjang puasa ni. itupun sebab saya tak pakai PB. hehehe.. mula2 pakai tu je rasa tak selesa. maybe sebab benda baru, baru nak get use dengan badan saya kot. hehehe…

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