Rizalman for Zalora and Premium Beautiful Elegance 

By 20 June, 2015May 25th, 2016Beauty Tips
Premium Beautiful Elegance

Cantek-cantek baju Rizalman by Zalora ni.. Elegance and sophisticated.. Tak sabar nak beli for this raya..

IMG 2952 0
IMG 29531
IMG 29541
But for some ladies, they think that they must have a flawless body kalau nak pakai baju ni.. To normal people like us, i bet..its not easy to achieve body macam model ni..

But my advice, u just need a little touch up.. And thats when u have to wear a corset.. So dengan corset, if someone with fuller figure like me, at least u’re not worried buldging here and there..

Maybe not as perfect as this Rizalman model’s body but with a little touch up, u feel more confidence to wear this for raya and u will look curvier too!!

IMG 29551
Pada yang tercari-cari nak pakai corset jenis ape, sebab memang banyak sangat corset kat luar.. Nanti karang dah beli mahal-mahal, tak selesa , bergulung, or sebagainya, my advice is, buy from the expert and with Premium Beautiful Elegance, u all tak perlu nak worry-worry dah.. It will give everything that women’s desired for.. Trust me..! I have one for myself this raya..

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