Rizalman Ibrahim | Special Message to Salha Zain

Rizalman Ibrahim meet Salha Zain. Siape tak kenal Rizalman Ibrahim..pereka fashion tersohor Malaysia..such a multi-talented and a genius and he is definitely one of Malaysia’s Legend..

I feel really happy when i finally meet him in person..before this…there’s always be my dream to meet him or talk to him and definitely wanted to wear one of his greatest creation..

I love everything about him..his dress is like an art..every piece is a masterpiece..timeless and classy…

It’s gonna be my 3rd dress by Rizalman in 3 months. So addicted to his design. So this time, it is for my Raya dress. Tak sabar nak first Raya wearing Rizalman..

Oh, by the way… I got a SPECIAL Message by Rizalman Ibrahim. It’s like a dream come true to have this special wish by him. Enjoy the video!

Rizalman I LOVE YOU! 🙂

For those who DREAM to have your FIRST Rizalman, you can now. Checkout 20 by Rizalman at TESCO. Now everyone can wear Rizalman. 🙂

P/s: Wear your DREAM DRESS by your DREAM DESIGNER with your DREAM CORSET…

Bukan corset sebarang yee..NO..NO..NO…

Biar menang membeli, menang memakai..

aaaanddd jgn lupa ambik gamba sepuas hati pagi raya nnti okies ladies…

Last but not least..

For this Raya..every corset comes with a SPECIAL GIFT!!!seriouslyyyyy???

Yes, it is…

Till then..


012-222 9453


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