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after tunggu sangaaaaaaat lame untuk nk jumpe ngan my dream designer, Rizalman Ibrahim..

FB RIZALMAN.jpg2Akhirnya..my dream come true…i’ll be meeting him at his luxurious boutique at Bukit Bintang and i really cant wait to see him…oh im so excited!!!

I adore him so much for his creation…It’s unique and timeless..and one thing for sure…if once Rizalman design a dress for u…it will be the one and only and takkan same dengan yang lain…wow!! Tak sabarnya...!!!

78 3e

P/s: Baru i tersedar yang actually my passion is in collecting Designer’s Dress….dulu mula dari satu je but now dah hampir 10 dress..and i sangat sayaaaang dengan dress2 ni…


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  • Sue says:

    Tahniah my loving mentor, It’s my dream too.. sgt teruja dgn koleksi and interior design from Rizalman, InsyaAllah segala2nya tercapai…

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