Starbucks Via now arrives in KL, Malaysia

To all coffee lovers out there, I’m sure you gonna love this. I know this because my husband mmg giler coffee. So last nite after late supper with him (does nasi briyani considered as supper? LOL! takpe lactolite and pb ader… tak perlu risau), my lovely husband ni tetiba bawak 2 cuppa coffee… “Yang, cubala rasa coffee ni… I buat spesel utk you.” Oh so sweeet! Walaupun I tak berapa gemar coffee tapi since Abang Sayang dah buat… ok jerla… First skali I bau, hmmm not bad… Better than bau Nescafe 3-in-1… JUST KIDDING! hehe… Sedap bau dia. Pastu I try la minum. WOW! Mmg sedap. Rase macam beli coffee kat Starbucks (espresso/black coffee with no milk). So, this is my review to share, for my readers especially yang suka kan Starbucks Coffee for its great taste while not spending too much on the price. Very good bargain!

starbucks via ready brew coffee 0011I read it somewhere, Starbucks Via ni actually was introduced in US couple of years back, and now it has finally arrive here in Malaysia.

starbucks via ready brew coffee 003aStarbucks Via ni comes in 2 flavor ‘Italian Roast’ and ‘Colombia’. My first impression was like, this is so like 3-in-1 instant coffee, but actually it is not. You really cant tell the difference whether it’s brewed coffee or instant coffee. Sunggoh sedapp!

starbucks via ready brew coffee 002In Malaysia, price for Starbucks Via ni RM8 untuk 3 sachets, RM28 untuk 12 sachets.

starbucks via ready brew coffee 004Nak bancuh senang jer, tambah 180ml air panas (we ols pakai cup IKEA, isi hampir penuh pon coffee masih lagi strong), gula… kalau ada milk frother kat umah boleh la tambah susu panas or lebih mudah creamer.

In summary, Starbucks Via is good for the pocket while enjoying the taste of coffee especially for coffee lover/addict like my hubby who drink more than 2-3 cup a day. Enjoy your cuppa!


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  • erra says:

    wohoo starbucks is my favouret place .. dimana ada coffee disitu ad aku .. ahahh … yr hubby drink 2,3 a day but i drink more than 10 cup a day … really drug addict wth the coffee …

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