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Terukir di Bintang versi Holland & Belgium (VIDEO)

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Harini Salha nak share 2 video yang latest for our trip to Holland & Belgium. I am sure as you all know, this trip is FREE, All-Expense-Paid-Trip. And we travel 3 times a year for FREE. Best tak? So, if I can, if all the faces you see in the videos can, SO CAN YOU! Contact jer I, nanti I fill you in with the details.

P/S: Our next trip is gonna be PARIS & LONDON. Dont miss out!

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Holland & Belgium from Razali Zain on Vimeo.

Beautiful country, beautiful people. A video showing our short trip to 1 day trip to Brussels and 3 Days in Holland. It’s a good feeling…

Holland & Belgium March 2012 from alfaath on Vimeo.

Dreams Do Come True. Watch Salha Zain travel to Europe, this time it’s Amsterdam and Brussels.

Lots of love… 🙂


Holland, Tulips, Chocolate and iAmsterdam, Lets Go!

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3 days to go… Holland Here We Come!

To all my blog readers, I have to apologize sebab tak habis lagi update all Vietnam pictures dah nak kena pegi Holland pulak. Tapi takpe… Next Guangzhou trip will be a bit later so I promise all pictures will be updated. I PROMISE. 🙂

So, finally InsyaAllah myself, hubby and my other business partners will arrived in Amsterdam, Holland and Brussels, Belgium next Thursday. Tak sabar rasenya nak melihat keindahan ciptaan Allah dan menikmati all the local foods there. So jom berangan tgk2 gambar Holland dan persiapan Salha… amsterdam holland 01

Oh tulips…..amsterdam holland 09

After so many travels, makin lama makin banyak beg luggage. Terbaru yang color hijau ni adalah FREE GIFT dari owner stokis kesayangan kami B32, CDM Chan. TQ Sifu.

amsterdam holland 05

Oh, checkout the weather! Sejuk tu 5-11 celcius…

amsterdam holland 03

Some of my jackets and hubby for the trip…

amsterdam holland 06

Long boots and not so long boots…

amsterdam holland 07

amsterdam holland 08

And this one… my living toys… boleh tak nak bawak jugak? Hehe… Takpe ni business trip. So family trip nanti Mama bawak adik yer..

amsterdam holland 04

Betul cakap Encik Tony Wheeler ni. All we have to do is DECIDE. Especially trip ni adalah FREE TRIP dari syarikat for achieving high performance in the business, all we need to do is DECIDE and DO IT. With the strong mentorship, strategy and ACTION, you too can get this trip!

IMG 2986

Leave me a message, call or text me… I’ll guide you through our next trip. Guangzhou and insyaAllah LONDON in 2013!!! I’ll see you soon… XOXO.


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Cant believe that our next trip is Holland & Belgium…Its like a dream come true AGAIN!!!

Tak sempat nk bawak rakan kongsi gi Hong Kong…ni dah gi Holland pulak…

Holland u olsss!!!!



Just look at this!!

The tulip has come to be a loved symbol of the Netherlands..


The world’s largest flower garden in Europe..

Keukenhof pavilion

The most famous canals..Amsterdam has more canal then Venice…owwhh wow…

the canal


Holland Amsterdam Canals

The National Museum of Holland: the Rijksmuseum. If nk tengok painting from the 17th century, beratus2 tahun lamenye ade kat sini…wowieee….!!






The 5 Star Hotel…ooohhh…Magnificionnn!!

amsterdam netherlands

Shopping in Rotterdam…

hol shop0

Not just superstore but it is megastore..

hol shop


hol shop1


The Holland famous foooooddd….

Of course..starting with..

The cheese…yummyy..


holland food2


Belgian waffle….oh noooo…waffle asal dari sini…waffles Nelson tu tiru okies…

belgian waffle

Belgian chocolate..

Oh myyy…seminggu kt sane tak payah makan pape pun takpe…nk makan chocolate sajekkk…

belgian choc1

More and more chocolate!!

belgian choc11

Oh goshh…is this all made by chocolate…GAME ON!!!

holland food1



And last but not least…the most famous ice cream in Holland..that is..

haagen daz

Kat Malaysia mahal ice cream nih…ni kt Holland kite makan byk2 k…


Some facts about Holland…

Did you know that….

  • Holland still has around a thousand old-fashioned working windmills? Oh, my hubby loves Windmills!
  • Holland has no less than 15,000 km of cycle paths? They cycle a lot I guess.
  • Every Dutch person has a bike and there are twice as many bikes as cars? Told ya!
  • The Netherlands and Holland are the same place? Oranje?
  • The Dutch are the tallest people in Europe? Tall, fair and handsome?
  • One-quarter of Holland is below sealevel? Sounds like Venice…
  • Most Dutch people speak a foreign language as well as Dutch? I heard they speak English.
  • Amsterdam has 1,281 bridges? Jom amik gambar kat bridge!
  • Amsterdam is built entirely on piles?
  • The Van Gogh collections in the Van Gogh Museum and the Kröller-Müller Museum are the largest in the world?
  • The highest point in Holland is 323 metres above sea level, and is referred to as a ‘mountain’?
  • Rotterdam is the second largest port in the world?
  • Holland is 6.7 metres below sea level at its lowest point?
  • When you arrive at Schiphol Airport, you are four metres below sealevel?
  • Holland has more than 4,400 km of navigable rivers, canals and lakes?



U want to know how to get this FREE ticket and F.O.C trip???

It is so simple…

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