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Premium Beautiful Testimonial

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Ini antara gambar-gambar Premium Beautiful Testimonial..

Ramai wanita di Malaysia mengeluh nak kurangkan berat badan dan mencari jalan untuk nak kurus cepat..

Mane taknya, asyik sibuk bekerja sampai tak sempat nak hirau tentang badan sendiri.. Bila makan pulak, tak kira waktu.. Ikut mane sempat je.. Dan paling selalu berlaku, makan nasi di waktu malam.. Yelah, balik kerja nak makan malam sama-sama dengan suami dan anak-anak.. Suami tambah nasi, kite pun tambah sekali.. Macam mane nak kawal?

Bila bercita-bercita tinggi pergi gym, tahan seminggu je.. Mane taknya.. Lari atas treadmill 40 minit macam nak pengsan, sekali tengok monitor baru bakar 100 kalori je.. Frust lahai.. Last-last stop jelah.. Sambung makan nasi lagi sebab geram..!! Habis punah cita-cita nak dapat badan Miranda Kerr!

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Eh ha’ahla!! Macam same je dengan kisah aku? Haha!! Bukan u ols sorang je.. Semua pun same!!!

Malas nak pikir panjang-panjang, terus call PB Expert, beli satu set PB, sarung je kat badan!!! Settle kerja!! Tak kisahla harga brape pun, bayar gym lagi mahal!! Consume milk shake setiap bulan kononnya nak kurus cara murahla kan, tapi kalau sebulan dah rm500, setahun dah rm6000.. Dah muak minum, teringin pulak makan nasi lauk tempoyak ikan patin, akhirnya badan pun naik balik tapi kali ni naik double pulak!! Oh laaahaiii!!

First-first pakai Premium Beautiful, target kalau dapat hilang seinci dua jadilah kan.. Takpun hilang 2-3kg pun kira syukur dah..

Sekali dah pakai, ya Allah mane lelemak aku? Berat hilang 10kg? Hah 20kg? Wow punggung mantap macam JLO! Wooh, breast pulak dah macam Kim Kardashian!! Double chin gue gi mane lohh!! Haritu bukan kt lengan ni ade lemak melambai-lambai ke? Lipatan-lipatan maut kat belakang badan ni pergi mane? Lelendut perut bekas bersalin macam dah takdek je!! Selulit yang melilit kt peha ni dah hilang, ajaibla!! Badan mase i anak dara pun tak cemni skali tau!!

Bukan setakat tu je.. Heh! Mane pi migrain aku? Aik, bukan haritu stretch mark dah macam google map ke atas perut ni? Mane google map tu pergi? Pagi tadi rase period, tapi nape takde period pain yek? Sengal-sengal tulang belakang aku alih-alih takdek ni, biar betol! Nape susu aku melimpah ruah ni, puasla anak aku minum nanti! E’eh, lancar je buang air besar..takde sembelit-sembelit lagi..yay!

Tulah antara dialog-dialog normal dari beribu-ribu pengguna Premium Beautiful kami satu dunia ni!!

Punyalah terkejut dengan result diorang sampai demam Tsunami PB kakak-kakak kat bawah ni!!! Tengok jelah ni!

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Berbaloikan beli Premium Beautiful ni.. Mau tak! Beli skali, pakai sampai bila-bila!

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Harga PB ikut size.. Range harga dari 2400-2600 jee!!

Payment thru cash, credit card, rhb easy, aeon, ar-rahnu and etc semua kami accept!!

Paling best bile anda beli, PB Expert akan guide u ols dari cara ukur, fitting sampaila ke cara sidai PB.. Kelas kan!!

Kalau bayar cash, lagilah best! Dapat FREE GIFT dan “RAHSIA” kurus cepat dengan PB ni!!

Beli handbag beribu cecantek Coach, Gucci, Prada, Chanel pun ada tapi badan tak cantek cemana??! Adoiilaa.. Biarla badan cantek, pakai beg plastik pun orang tak kisah tauu!! Alah kalau dedua cantek kan lagi best!! Biar menangis teresak-esak orang tengok!! Hahaha!!

Nak pakai cepat, sila watsapp PB Expert kat bawah ni..

Salha Zain / 012-2229453

Dah pakai Premium Beautiful, nak tau cara nak travel keliling dunia free and teringin nak buat puluh ribu sebulan pun boleh Salha ajarkan skali..! Jomsss!

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Salha Zain’s Photoshoot in Hungary


Top 10 Superfoods For Women

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Great article for all women out there..!!

25 healthy foods opener

Ever wonder if your diet is missing something? Add our expert-approved, eat-right picks to stay lean, healthy, and strong.

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The Cancer Fighter
Don’t let brussels sprouts’ signature scent turn you off. “The smell is a compound called allyl isothiocyanate that causes precancerous cells to self-destruct,” Jonny Bowden, PhD, author of ‘The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth’ says. “It’s entirely possible that eating them every few weeks could help greatly reduce the incidence of colon cancer.”
Bonus benefits: These mini-cabbages are packed with fiber and immune-boosting vitamins C and A.

The “Skinny” Steak
Red meat has a bad rap. The thing is, it really is good for you. Ideally, go for a cut that is both lean and grass-fed. A recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that meat from grass-fed cows usually has more conjugated linoleic acid (which has been shown in animal studies to combat cancer) and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than the grain-fed variety. Plus, meat from grass-fed cows is lower in total fat and calories. As long as your serving is a lean cut, such as tenderloin, feel free to make this smart choice two or three times a week, says Bowden.
Bonus benefits: Beef is a great source of protein, iron (a mineral that one in five women are deficient in), and heart-healthy B vitamins.

The “It” Spice

Curry may very well be the spice of life: Curcumin, the antioxidant that gives the condiment its color, has been shown to halt tumor growth and destroy cancer cells in lab tests. “Our research revealed that this ingredient may help prevent a variety of diseases, including multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers,” says Bharat Aggarwal, PhD, a professor of cancer medicine at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. At this point, it’s still unclear exactly how much curry you should eat to help avoid disease, Aggarwal says. Experts simply recommend using the spice liberally to reap the rewards. For recipes, check out the book 5 Spices, 50 Dishes, by Ruta Kahate.
Bonus benefits: The antioxidants found in curry may also help break up plaques in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease, say UCLA scientists.

The Next Nut

Pistachios are the new health nut. Why is that? New research from the University of Toronto shows that they may reduce the risk of diabetes by decreasing the effect of carbs on blood sugar levels. “Pistachios are high in protein, fiber, and healthy monounsaturated fat,” explains study author Cyril Kendall, PhD, “all of which contribute to the slowing of carbohydrate absorption in the body.”
Bonus benefits: Other recent research has shown that eating two to three ounces of pistachios a day can help significantly raise your level of good cholesterol (HDL). Pistachios are full of vitamin B6 and copper, too, which help increase energy.

The Java Junkie’s Dream
Rejoice! Your morning cup of joe is healthy. Experts on an American Society for Nutrition panel recently concluded that drinking three to five eight-ounce cups a day lowers your risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and colon and liver cancers. “Among other things, the antioxidants in coffee protect your cells and DNA from damage,” Bowden says. “Coffee seems to increase antioxidants in the blood, too.”
Bonus benefits: Women who drink at least six cups a day are less likely to develop high blood pressure, revealed a 2005 study by Harvard scientists.

The Heart-Smart Whole Grain
One of the easiest ways to significantly lower your cholesterol is to eat whole-grain oatmeal daily, reports a British review of 10 studies. The fiber in oatmeal forms a gel that slows down your body’s absorption of cholesterol.
Bonus benefits: “People who eat oatmeal for breakfast tend to stay full all morning and consume less at lunch, due in part to the protein and fiber,” says Dave Grotto, RD, a nutritionist in Chicago and a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

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The Fit Fish
“Shrimp is about 90 calories per three-ounce serving, it has virtually no fat, and it’s packed with protein, making it the ultimate diet food,” says Ellie Krieger, RD, host of the Food Network’s Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger. It may even help prevent heart disease, thanks to astaxanthin, the antioxidant that gives the shellfish its red tint. “People shy away from shrimp because it’s high in cholesterol, but cholesterol in food is much less likely to raise your blood cholesterol than, say, trans fat,” says Kathy McManus, RD, a FITNESS advisory board member and director of the department of nutrition at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Moreover, eating about a cup of shrimp daily can raise your good cholesterol level, found a Rockefeller University study.
Bonus benefits: Shrimp is also rich in cancer-fighting selenium and bone-building vitamin D.

The Sweet Surprise
Enjoying a small amount of flavonoid-filled dark chocolate may prevent clogged arteries and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Also, eating up to 3.6 ounces daily can be as effective as beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors at lowering blood pressure, notes a recent Archives of Internal Medicine study.
Bonus benefits: Studies have shown that eating chocolate releases serotonin, the feel-better brain chemical.

The Red Wonder

Take two tart cherries and call me in the morning. While your doc may not say that yet, she might soon: A new animal study from University of Michigan shows that consuming a powdered version of tart cherries can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as decrease the body’s ability to store fat in the liver. It’s not yet known if cherry-rich diets will have a similar effect on people, but University of Michigan researchers are hopeful.
Bonus benefits: People who exercised and drank two 12-ounce glasses of tart cherry juice daily for eight days reported less muscle pain than those who sipped a placebo, finds a 2006 study.

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The Trendy Tomato
Red tomatoes are full of lycopene, a substance that helps lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration. But orange tomatoes offer two and a half times more. Apparently, they contain a form that the body can more easily absorb.
Bonus benefits: One cup of orange tomatoes provides 338 percent of the RDA for vitamin A.

P/s: imagine if we can eat like this, and continue to wear Premium Beautiful..we could maintain our body shape and improve our health at the same time..


Salha Zain

012-222 9453



Fruit Juice..

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Tadi sudah berpenat lelah saye di KLCC, sebelum balik i singgah jap kt The Curve semate-mate nk minum Juice Works..

Juice Works ni memang puasla kalau sesiape yang suke minum fruit juice..memang 100% pure and tak tambah air langsung…sebab i sendiri yang tgk orang tu buat..sebab tu confident je i cakap…

Ok…cube bayangkan…dalam satu gelas tu die 2 batang carrot besau2+ 2 biji apple + 2 biji oren..best tak kalau minum camni…

Huuuuuuuu…sangat melegakan….Bayangkanlah kalau minum air2 camni…





Ok..disebabkan lately..i and my hubby sangat suke minum fruit juice..kami plan nk beli fruit juicer terus kt rumah…. jadi senang…beli buah and sayur sebakul then grind sendiri…


So, i ape lagi siap tanye adik kt Juice Works tu mesin ape die pakai..die kate jename die Breville..



Tengok adik tu grind cepat jer…but mane nk cari yerk mesin nih???

Kami nak beli sangat supaya baby-baby i boleh minum camni..


konon2 amin minum..


ni adik..huhu…



mama and ayah breakfast in bed…hohohhh…

takpun camni…



Kene beli fruit juice cepat nih!!..hahahaaaaaaaaaaaa………………

Premium Beautiful-The Most Amazing Transformation Ever!!!

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Dulu i ade mention  kat my previous entry about dinner gala ..yup..yup…one of them..her name is Fazi..she’s been using Premium Beautiful for only one month and do you want to see the result?!!!





After- 55kg


Lost over 20kg in 1 month!!

I can say that this is the most amazing and major transformation ever..

We have  the proof already!!…

Any inquiries……email or call me at:



My Premium Beautiful Body..

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Kepada sesiape yang mengenali diri saye..ini adalah baju or kebaye yang i pakai waktu graduation dulu..which is 6 years back..baju ni dah lame tergantung dalam almari lebih kurang 5 tahun juge tak pakai2 sebab tak muat…baju ni telah diniatkan utk diberi kepade anak2 saudara atau anak yatim ke hape sebab i sudah berkeadaan hopeless utk memakainye lagi..bukan baju ni je..baju2 lain pun…Taaaaaaaaapiiiii…..

Disebabkan i tak sempat utk menempah baju utk wedding my brother..i gatal2 mencubenye juge..

hasilnye..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!(terkejut sakan tahap ternganga to the max!!)

Thank you PB..u really make my day!!!…sekarang saye manusia yang sangat happy even dah ade 2 babies badan still macam zaman U lagi…ihikihik….!!!!


tengok tuu..pinggang 27 inch ok...


PB i love uuu...