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6 Reasons Why Salha Zain & Protege Love Hijabista

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Today, I want to blog about one of my favorite magazine which I believe need no introduction for all of you hijab fashionistas in Malaysia.

Introducing… HIJABISTA by NONA!

First and foremost, for those yang belum pernah baca this magazine, go and grab it now.  It has very good contents and presentation. You just can’t get enough going through every pages. Very CLASSY magazine. Kudos to the Editorial Team. 🙂

So, why Salha Zain LOVES this HIJABISTA so much… Lets scroll down…

corset premium beautiful hijabista salhazain4

Reason #1. In Hijabista very FIRST ISSUE, I was invited by the editor to give my comment on fashion. Thanks HIJABISTA. See what I wrote there… Turban. Now dah jadi fashion trend dah pun.

corset premium beautiful hijabista salhazain5

Reason #2. In Hijabista Edisi 3, Salha Zain with other Premium Beautiful Top Agents was invited for Bual Hijabista column. It was fun, pink and luxurious! LOVE IT!

corset premium beautiful hijabista salhazain9

Reason #3. Edisi 4, my beloved protege, Yanie, Ida, Wani dan Dewi was called for the same column. So proud of my girls, business minded with high taste for fashion.

corset premium beautiful hijabista salhazain7

Reason #4. Edisi 5, my protege under the Fabulosity group turn to be featured. Introducing Dang, Munirah, Afzan and Hani.

corset premium beautiful hijabista salhazain8

Reason #5. Edisi 6… Guess What? It’s Aida Rashid turn. 🙂

hijabista salhazain premiumbeautiful 69

Reason #6. And last but not least, its Salha Zain again… and this time on the Personality column. I seriously love the title they put… “Fesyen itu Karya Seni” which I strongly believed that Fashion is an Art. For me, you can wear all the designers stuff, and still look cheap without eyes for fashion. It is all about styling. It is an ART. And I truly HEART FASHION.

corset premium beautiful hijabista salhazain1

So, thank you again Hijabista Team. Love you guys!

For my beloved blog readers, it’s time to hit the newsstand and bookstore!

Salha Zain

Hijabista September 2012

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Salam Ramadhan yang kian berakhir dan Salam Syawal yang bakal menjelang. Apa khabar persiapan Raya you ols? Salha sentiasa doakan agar Raya semua readers blog Salha meriah lagi diberkatiNya.

Ok, just nak share penampilan sulung Salha in magazine!! Alhamdulillah, syukur pada Allah SWT and thanks to Hijabista editor Suziana Zulkifli and team for such a lovely opportunity.  Special thanks to my beloved mentor in the Premium Beautiful business Hanis Haizi for the invitation. Bertuahkan berada dalam kumpulan GLAM? Bukan mentor jer yang GLAM, business partners pun GLAM jugak. (Morale of the story: Be In The Right Group OK!)   🙂

So without further ado, lets have a look at the magazine…

hijabista cover natasha hudsonHijabista Cover – Natasha Hudson. OMG she is so beautiful!!

hijabista hanishaizi salhazain maisarah echentaOh Girls… We just wanna Have Fun! With Hanis Haizi, Salha Zain, Echenta and Maisarah Ibrahim

hijabista salhazain premiumbeautifulI love the setting of this shoot. Very vibrant!

hijabista quote salhazain

Ok, so nak baca details and other articles, sila beli Hijabista ye. Let’s support this AWESOME magazine! Go go Hijabista.. 😉

Salha Zain

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