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TLC Red Carpet 2015

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Alhamdulillah. All Praise to Allah. For the 3rd year in a row, TLC was given the honor to grace the stage as Guest Speaker for the Diamond Night (2013, 2014 and 2015). Syukur sangat-sangat kerana kami tahu, untuk mencapai pengiktirafan sebegini bukanlah mudah. Terima kasih kepada SHOM kerana mempercayai kami, dan terima kasih pada mentor kesayangan kami Networking Ikon dan Multimillionare CDM Azlan Deraman kerana tanpa bimbingan anda, tiadalah kami.

To my beloved protege, CDM Nurfadzliah, I was speechless when I read this post. You make me proud not just as your mentor, and I will always be glad to support my protege for as long as I live. Because that is what a mentor should do. Lets keep on moving forward. Remember this, “Winners focus on Winning, Losers focus on Winners”
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To all my beloved readers, here are some of yours truly OOTD for the night. Enjoy!

With the Lady of the Night. XOXO.

TLC MasterTrainers. CDM Izyan Liyana, CDM Yours Truly, CDM Nurfadzliah, CDM Salleha Roslan.

CDM Salleha Roslan. Another Amazing Transformation. From Perodua Alza to Mercedes C-Class. What a WINNER! Siapa sangka dengan hanya business Premium Beautiful Corset sahaja boleh dapat merasa kereta idaman?

Last but not least, Fast and Furious 4 (3 more to go, and we can do FF7). Wanna join US? Call Me!

RM60,000 & RM100,000 Award

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We Work Hard, and We Play Hard! Congratulations to All RM60,000 & RM100,000 Award Achievers! You guys rawk!

Kalau nak tahu, kalau dah buat sales RM100,000 sebulan ni, income oklah… dalam lebih kurang RM10,000 jer… boleh lah lepas duit belanja 2-3 bulan. Kannnnn….. Sebab tu lah ramai yang buat bisnes PB ni…

  Congrats Rusty Mommy!

  Congrats Arni!

  Congrats Aadila!

  Congrats Miera!

BIG CONGRATS to Mother QBs! Upcoming CDM Lin!

  BIG CONGRATS to DDM Ana! Follow Mother Tiger CDM Salleha!

NEXT “C” Challenge! Let’s see who are the WINNERS?

TLC Raya 2014

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Syawal is finally over. And we Malaysians especially are also “over” when it comes to celebrating our Eid or Raya. 1 month fasting, so 1 month Raya. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, few days before Syawal ended, TLCians managed to gather our very own TLC Raya at our center. Thank you everyone who turn up on that night from all over Malaysia. Thank you our beloved mentors especially our Multimillonaire Sifu Haji Azlan Deraman for joining our simple “makan-makan” gathering. Thank you supportive husbands and wives who came along. Thank you All!

Great food, great company especially these cute TLC Young Entrepreneurs.tlcraya-salhazain-03

We WORK HARD, We PLAY HARD! Regardless of our differences, Alhamdulillah we can always grow under the same roof. And the key to that is that we respect each other and know our boundaries. 😉tlcraya-salhazain-04

Raya is OVER! So its back to business in FULL SWING! LETS GO TEAM TLC!tlcraya-salhazain-01