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Beautiful Breast..

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Breast yang cantik memang jadi idaman setiap wanita..inilah mahkota yang paling penting kite kene jage..sebab, bukan kite je yang suka..kalau kita ade breast yang cantik..suami laaagi suke..betul tak suami2 sekalian..??

Cube tgk ni..

Small breasts tips to tackle thembreast size kecik..(pakai dh sexy..tapi alamak size kecik pulak)

monster braless boobs in a tight dressbreast jatuh..(cantikkan model ni…tak berkelip tgk muke die..tapiii…hmmm)

barbra streisand bralessbreast leper..(wanita if meningkat usia majority akan jadi camni…)

tapi nak tak camni…

41or camni..


tak terlampau kecik or terlampau besar…breast yang proportion, firm and sexy…..

nk breast camni, tak payah pergi suntik or buat breast implant…

pakai je Premium Beautiful…confirm u all nampak resultnye…

Premium Beautiful dapat membentuk semula breast kite jadi lebih cantik..paling best..secara naturally…tak payah nk tahan sakit atau menyeksa diri…

sarung je PB…then just tunggu je resultnya…

banyak dah testimoni yang kami dapat…

now, turn u all pulak…hehe…

if u want to know the magic of PB, just call:

me 012-2229453

and for Singapore and Johor

Alfie +60122307430

Premium Beautiful : Natural Way For Breast Enlargement.

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Tengok model ni..bile breast cantik..pakai baju ape pun cantek...

Premium Beautiful is a natural way for breast enlargement…

Baru2 ni Salha dapat byk testimonial from my clients..

“Salha, i seriously perasan my changes especially that part…dulu memang mase i menyusu anak, agak saggingla..siap ade stretch mark..mule2 i memang cam tak persan my changes..but bile i continously pakai, day by day…month by month..i memang nampak my breast dah reshape…lemak kat bwh ketiak kurang and at my back dh tak berlapis2..memang my body nmpak makin kemas..then i ingat mase pakai je my breast camtu…bile tak pakai pb pun shape die camtu jugak…i sendiri pun rase my breast makin cantik…i pun now rase makin confidence and happy sangat..believe it or not..not just me yang perasan…my hubby pun…thanks salha for introducing me this PB…i memang seriously happy sangat ni…luv ya darl!!”……

Nama my client ni terpakse dirahsiekan k..hehe…Yup! i pun luv you jugak…so happy for you dear….
I think bukan my clients je..i pun cam perasan jugakla the changes…heehe…mane taknya..size pun dh tukar..hehe…

So what are you waiting for…

Enhance your BIGGEST ASSET!!!!

Say no to breast implants!…Enlargement pills!…or hormone injection!

U don’t have to harm yourself or suffer from any pains to have a beautiful and sexy breast…

Just wear Premium Beautiful 8 hours a day continuously and effortlessly..

And you will be surprise!!

Try it THEN u believe it!!

012- 222 9453

Millionaire Mind

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Selama almost 4 years Salha dalam bisnes ni, macam-macam jenis manusia yang salha jumpe..maybe kalau diibaratkan macam sijil belajar, kirenya Salha dah boleh dapat sijil PHD dah..Dah sangat mahir tentang mengenal sikap and telatah manusia..

But today nak share satu tips untuk berjaya…

Sebab semua orang nak berjaya, jadi jutawan, financial freedom and etc tapi ramai yang tak dapat capai..and yes..ramai jugak yang capai..

Ok now, senang jer.. Tips nya ialah “BUANG SEGALA ALASAN“..

SENANG KANNN?? Itu je tips nyaaa..

Sebab, ramai yang datang kat Salha and tanye…”Salha, macam mane nak berjaya macam u?”..

tapi bila salha dah cerita macam mane Salha berjaya..ade yang come out dengan macam-macaaaam alasan…


Anak saye kecik lagi, takde kereta, tak reti cakap, suami tak kasi, saya busy, mak tak kasi, takde modal, takut nak menjual, takut takde orang beli, takut orang kata ape, saya dah cukup selesa, nanti dulu, saya itu, saya ini, takut itu, takut ini and yang paling teruk dalam dunia SAYA TAKUT KOT-KOT TAK BERJAYA…

Oh myyyyyy…. tak rase pelik ke u all bace semua alasan kat atas ni…? is this the right attitude untuk nak jadi orang yang berjaya…??

Cuba tanye diri anda, semua orang yang berjaya ni takde anak ke? takde keluarga? semua suami sporting? semua ade mase lapang? ada berjuta2 modal?

Cuba u all bayangkan Donald Trump, Tan Sri Sheikh Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Doc Azizan, Doc Irfan Khairi.. agaknya, mereka semua ni kasi tak alasan kat atas tu? Tentu skali jawapannya TAK kan??

So semua orang yang berjaya kat dunia ni, tak kisah samada mereka ni jutawan or billionaire sekalipun, mereka buang segala alasan…sebab ALASAN IALAH PEMBUNUH IMPIAN anda…


Kalau nak ikutkan, Salha boleh kasi semua alasan kat atas tadi.. but Salha fikir macam ni…Time is running soo fast…buat alasan hanya buang masa je..umur makin lama makin tua..so grab aje peluang ape yang ade depan mate and buat sampai jadi…sampai berjaya…takde orang nak buat bisnes untuk gagal.. itu bukan bisnes namenya…so jangan buang mase…nanti dah tua, dah tak larat, baru rase nak berjaya..? takut nnti menyesal tak sudah…there’s no right timing kalau nak berjaya…the right timing is NOW… NOW or NEVER!! Rezeki Allah dalam bentuk peluang, and peluang yang baik tak datang banyak kali…kalau kite buang peluang tu maknanya kite buang rezeki yang Allah nak kasi..

So dah tau tipsnya…ape tunggu lagi..grab peluang tu and buang segala alasan…

Orang yang berjaya tak perlu cakap, die just perlu buat saja…

All the best to u!!!

Enjoy this video!!


Top 10 Superfoods For Women

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Great article for all women out there..!!

25 healthy foods opener

Ever wonder if your diet is missing something? Add our expert-approved, eat-right picks to stay lean, healthy, and strong.

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The Cancer Fighter
Don’t let brussels sprouts’ signature scent turn you off. “The smell is a compound called allyl isothiocyanate that causes precancerous cells to self-destruct,” Jonny Bowden, PhD, author of ‘The 150 Healthiest Foods on Earth’ says. “It’s entirely possible that eating them every few weeks could help greatly reduce the incidence of colon cancer.”
Bonus benefits: These mini-cabbages are packed with fiber and immune-boosting vitamins C and A.

The “Skinny” Steak
Red meat has a bad rap. The thing is, it really is good for you. Ideally, go for a cut that is both lean and grass-fed. A recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists shows that meat from grass-fed cows usually has more conjugated linoleic acid (which has been shown in animal studies to combat cancer) and heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids than the grain-fed variety. Plus, meat from grass-fed cows is lower in total fat and calories. As long as your serving is a lean cut, such as tenderloin, feel free to make this smart choice two or three times a week, says Bowden.
Bonus benefits: Beef is a great source of protein, iron (a mineral that one in five women are deficient in), and heart-healthy B vitamins.

The “It” Spice

Curry may very well be the spice of life: Curcumin, the antioxidant that gives the condiment its color, has been shown to halt tumor growth and destroy cancer cells in lab tests. “Our research revealed that this ingredient may help prevent a variety of diseases, including multiple myeloma, lymphoma, and breast, ovarian, and pancreatic cancers,” says Bharat Aggarwal, PhD, a professor of cancer medicine at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center. At this point, it’s still unclear exactly how much curry you should eat to help avoid disease, Aggarwal says. Experts simply recommend using the spice liberally to reap the rewards. For recipes, check out the book 5 Spices, 50 Dishes, by Ruta Kahate.
Bonus benefits: The antioxidants found in curry may also help break up plaques in the brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease, say UCLA scientists.

The Next Nut

Pistachios are the new health nut. Why is that? New research from the University of Toronto shows that they may reduce the risk of diabetes by decreasing the effect of carbs on blood sugar levels. “Pistachios are high in protein, fiber, and healthy monounsaturated fat,” explains study author Cyril Kendall, PhD, “all of which contribute to the slowing of carbohydrate absorption in the body.”
Bonus benefits: Other recent research has shown that eating two to three ounces of pistachios a day can help significantly raise your level of good cholesterol (HDL). Pistachios are full of vitamin B6 and copper, too, which help increase energy.

The Java Junkie’s Dream
Rejoice! Your morning cup of joe is healthy. Experts on an American Society for Nutrition panel recently concluded that drinking three to five eight-ounce cups a day lowers your risk of Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and colon and liver cancers. “Among other things, the antioxidants in coffee protect your cells and DNA from damage,” Bowden says. “Coffee seems to increase antioxidants in the blood, too.”
Bonus benefits: Women who drink at least six cups a day are less likely to develop high blood pressure, revealed a 2005 study by Harvard scientists.

The Heart-Smart Whole Grain
One of the easiest ways to significantly lower your cholesterol is to eat whole-grain oatmeal daily, reports a British review of 10 studies. The fiber in oatmeal forms a gel that slows down your body’s absorption of cholesterol.
Bonus benefits: “People who eat oatmeal for breakfast tend to stay full all morning and consume less at lunch, due in part to the protein and fiber,” says Dave Grotto, RD, a nutritionist in Chicago and a spokesperson for the American Dietetic Association.

Related: 6 Recipes for a Whole-Grain Dinner

The Fit Fish
“Shrimp is about 90 calories per three-ounce serving, it has virtually no fat, and it’s packed with protein, making it the ultimate diet food,” says Ellie Krieger, RD, host of the Food Network’s Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger. It may even help prevent heart disease, thanks to astaxanthin, the antioxidant that gives the shellfish its red tint. “People shy away from shrimp because it’s high in cholesterol, but cholesterol in food is much less likely to raise your blood cholesterol than, say, trans fat,” says Kathy McManus, RD, a FITNESS advisory board member and director of the department of nutrition at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston. Moreover, eating about a cup of shrimp daily can raise your good cholesterol level, found a Rockefeller University study.
Bonus benefits: Shrimp is also rich in cancer-fighting selenium and bone-building vitamin D.

The Sweet Surprise
Enjoying a small amount of flavonoid-filled dark chocolate may prevent clogged arteries and reduce your risk of developing heart disease. Also, eating up to 3.6 ounces daily can be as effective as beta-blockers and ACE inhibitors at lowering blood pressure, notes a recent Archives of Internal Medicine study.
Bonus benefits: Studies have shown that eating chocolate releases serotonin, the feel-better brain chemical.

The Red Wonder

Take two tart cherries and call me in the morning. While your doc may not say that yet, she might soon: A new animal study from University of Michigan shows that consuming a powdered version of tart cherries can lower cholesterol and blood sugar levels, as well as decrease the body’s ability to store fat in the liver. It’s not yet known if cherry-rich diets will have a similar effect on people, but University of Michigan researchers are hopeful.
Bonus benefits: People who exercised and drank two 12-ounce glasses of tart cherry juice daily for eight days reported less muscle pain than those who sipped a placebo, finds a 2006 study.

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The Trendy Tomato
Red tomatoes are full of lycopene, a substance that helps lower your risk of cancer, heart disease, and macular degeneration. But orange tomatoes offer two and a half times more. Apparently, they contain a form that the body can more easily absorb.
Bonus benefits: One cup of orange tomatoes provides 338 percent of the RDA for vitamin A.

P/s: imagine if we can eat like this, and continue to wear Premium Beautiful..we could maintain our body shape and improve our health at the same time..


Salha Zain

012-222 9453



Rizalman Ibrahim | Special Message to Salha Zain

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Rizalman Ibrahim meet Salha Zain. Siape tak kenal Rizalman Ibrahim..pereka fashion tersohor Malaysia..such a multi-talented and a genius and he is definitely one of Malaysia’s Legend..

I feel really happy when i finally meet him in person..before this…there’s always be my dream to meet him or talk to him and definitely wanted to wear one of his greatest creation..

I love everything about him..his dress is like an art..every piece is a masterpiece..timeless and classy…

rizalman salhazain
It’s gonna be my 3rd dress by Rizalman in 3 months. So addicted to his design. So this time, it is for my Raya dress. Tak sabar nak first Raya wearing Rizalman..

rizalman collection salhazainOh, by the way… I got a SPECIAL Message by Rizalman Ibrahim. It’s like a dream come true to have this special wish by him. Enjoy the video!

Rizalman I LOVE YOU! 🙂

For those who DREAM to have your FIRST Rizalman, you can now. Checkout 20 by Rizalman at TESCO. Now everyone can wear Rizalman. 🙂

20 by Rizalman Tesco

P/s: Wear your DREAM DRESS by your DREAM DESIGNER with your DREAM CORSET…

Bukan corset sebarang yee..NO..NO..NO…

Biar menang membeli, menang memakai..

aaaanddd jgn lupa ambik gamba sepuas hati pagi raya nnti okies ladies…

Last but not least..

For this Raya..every corset comes with a SPECIAL GIFT!!!seriouslyyyyy???

Yes, it is…

Till then..


012-222 9453


Glamorous Guangzhou Trip – Day 1

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202395 263517413761709 738239502 oSemua muka happy je..lebih2 lagi first timers….congrats all!!!

169361 263517490428368 525332943 o

With Chuk and Fae..

469326 263517560428361 343448454 o

With Lily and Kak Siti..kak shahidah dtg visit dulu…takpe after this masuk flight paris ok!!

256410 263517677095016 1064074552 o413671 263517767095007 1575936310 o

With my beloved mentor Hanis Haizi and Echenta..

471296 263517870428330 1336036644 o256407 263517927094991 1685533225 o

With Group Eagles…i believe i can flyyy!!!

177896 263522850427832 1729974884 o178549 263522967094487 1678399744 o471343 263523043761146 1270550094 o202300 263525563760894 1378980317 o

Yeayy!! dah nk masuk flight dahhh…

334284 263525857094198 1269659140 o

Sempat menyambar my red lipstick dulu..

243707 263525947094189 1983998359 o

Muke happy before masuk flight…weeeeee!!!

339487 263689503744500 1032441127 o


334183 263690077077776 1738524931 o

Satu basssss!!!!! after this i nk convert jadi 2 bus pulak…tak kireeee!!!!

Sape nk gi Paris and London??cepat2 pm ok…confirm dapat pergi!!!!

170460 263690867077697 1612388327 o471261 263690983744352 1789272778 o

Dapat gift from the company…thank uuu..

169323 263693367077447 1925015139 o

Green Leaders Group!!!yeay!!!

178561 263862890393828 548279644 o

Sex and The City ade kt Guangzhou??wah..wah!!

411909 263862957060488 615126690 o


177142 263863020393815 2015961445 o

Orang Guangzhou berkerumun tgk kitorang…maklumlahh artis Malaysia datang kannn!!

334171 263863197060464 55248535 o

Me with Ida…Ida ckp Paris confirm satu table…hihi!!!

Nanti sambung day 2 pulak…




Demam Melanda..

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Wah…baru balik Guangzhou, demam pulakk..apekah makna demam ini..??

Adekah demam shopping..

atau demam Paris & London..

ataupun demam baru jumpe Rizalman petang tadi…huhu…

ape-ape pun even demam tapi tetap demam yang glam namenyee…hihi…

Tunggu for my updates of our glamourous trip in Guangzhou ya!!!

p/s : sneak peek sket…

552325 10151030341121575 913451786 n


012-222 9453


January Achievers!!!

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Alhamdulilah ….Berakhir sudah bulan Januari 2012 dan syukur kerana dikurniakan permulaan tahun ini dengan pencapaian rakan-rakan kongsi yang sangat membanggakan! Iaitu seramai 4 orang bergelar Jam Tangan Achievers (for achieving RM100,000 sales in a month) achieve jam ni means income memang dah cecah RM10k ke atas..

Baru tak sampai brape bulan je diorang buat bisnes ni dah cecah income puluh ribu…


Muda2 dah genggam income camtu..

jam tangan feb 2012 7

And Alhamdulillah…bulan lepas hasil usaha yang bersungguh2 dari semua rakan kongsi under my group, kami semua dah mencecah hampir 700 set / 1.4 million sales. 

Congrats all and let’s fly even higher this time…

It’s a signal for u all utk achieve camni pulak…

jam tangan feb 2012 23Along

So congrats to all the winners untuk bulan ni.

DSM Hazelin, DSM Ismalina, DSM Noraida and DSM Nurul Ashikin

Amazing biz partners aka future great leaders..

Lepas ni sambung kejayaan pada rakan kongsi pulak ye…

jam tangan feb 2012 16Congrats jugak to other winners from the Green Group. We are all winners and always be the winners!!

Ok. All Together NOW!


Guangzhou CONFIRM!!!jam tangan feb 2012 15

Sebenarnya, kalau you all mmg blog reader Salha yang setia, you all mesti perasan, everymonth mesti ada wajah2 baru yang dapat Jam Tangan ni. So apa yang significant nyer? Jawapan dia senang jer… THIS BUSINESS CAN BE DONE by ANYBODY! Tak kira apa background skali pun, surirumah ker, student ker, makan gaji ker, IF YOU WANT IT, YOU CAN HAVE IT! Leaders/mentors are here to help and guide you (FOR FREE!) All you have to do is contact me with an Open Heart and abundance of Desire to change your life.

Call me 012-222 9453 or
click the Orange button on the left of this screen. 🙂

My Premium Beautiful Travel Schedule

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A nice start for 2012…boleh kate every month travel…

Starting with…




Holland Tulips 01





The beautiful night view of Guangzhou 1

It’s truly a “Beautiful” business…Dari tak pernah langsung melancong gi oversea…paling jauh pun Thailand and Singapore…tapi sedar2 je ntah2 dah keliling dunia dah…coz total up semua dah 10 countries already…yang paling best..semuanya F.O.C…ape yang kite kene buat just qualify certain target yang sangat-sangatla senang…janji nak je… confirm boleh…

Memang sesuai sangat pada yang suke travel…i mean…sape yang tak suke travel ye tak??dahla tu FREE…kalau guna duit sendiri mau ratus2 ribu dah habis…tapi ni semua company tanggung…best2!! Kite just cuma bawak duit shopping…

hmmm…talking about shopping…i want to add my handbag collection…

im targeting this…

Nappa Cloquet Stage Bag in Visone


LV Vernis Amarante Melrose Ave


Versace Fall 2011 2012 ad campaign with Saskia De Braun Model 7That’s all for now…

012-222 9453



Live in your Dreams

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Dulu2 Salha sentiasa mencari..ape agaknya satu career yang boleh ada banyak masa and at the same time dapat income yang solid (lebih kurang cam financial freedom)..yelah..kalau kite tgk movie ke tv series or reality show cam Kimora Life in Fab Lane or Keeping up with the Kardashian rase seronok tengok lifestyle diorang…they’re not celebrities pada asalnya..Kimora is a model and Kim Kardashian mulakan career die dengan jual brg kt Ebay..tapi tengokla diorang sekarang…they’re all successful businesswoman..


Keeping up with the kardashians


Kimora life in a fab lane

Itulah yang membuatkan i start berangan and mencari2 career apekah itu…coz my criteria i nk cari something yang:

Tanak terikat ngan waktu bekerja, tanak kerja under orang, tanak asyik kene bambu ngan boss, tanak asyik kene kipas orang coz i memang tak pandai kipas pun, tanak ade conflict office politics, tanak suke nk gaduh2 kejar naik pangkat, tanak orang lain yang tentukan gaji i, tanak asyik keje dalam ofis je…

Memang at first agak payah jugakla kan nk cari peluang career camni…

Taaaaaaaaaaaaaapiiiiiii…berkat kesabaranku mencari2 selama ini..telah ku jumpa…yess!!!

Memang best…totally my dream career…i fall in love in this biz coz:

Masa flexible, i control my time..kite yang tentukan brape jam kite nk bekerja, kite jadi our own boss, income bulanan kite yang tentukan nk brape, ofis i kat pulak kat rumah, tapi when meeting up with clients and biz partner boleh jumpe kat mane2 yang kami suke, already drive my dream car, already have my dream handbag, dream income and savings, and the most important thing is living in my dream lifestyle..iaitu sambil bekerja, sambil ade mase banyak bersama2 dengan anak and family…dan bukan tu je, dapat membalas jasa mak ayah, and beri sumbangan pada family dan masyarakat..Alhamdulillah i dah hampir capai semuanya…Baru hidup lebih balance..betul tak?

Yup memang sejak i buat biz ni..it turns me 360’…dulu i just ordinary person yang hanya berimpikan jadi extraordinary..tak sangka impian i benar2 jadi kenyataan…Alhamdulillah..syukur pada Allah…

n769511574 901488 93Dulu i seorang surirumah with no income and savings…

n769511574 901502 5503Mase ni raya kt singapore…frankly speaking, baju raya i..my auntie yang belikan…kt Mustafa Centre harga 25 dollar..sebab i tak mampu beli baju raya cantek2 sebab masetu kt tangan cuma ade berape puluh ringgit je…and baju my hubby and amin kami beli kain dari kamdar..itu je yang kami mampu..

Berkat usaha yang berterusan dan tak pernah give up…i sentiasa fikir “Aku boleh ubah nasib ku sendiri..kalau tak aku yang ubah, siape lagi dan bila lagi??Aku boleh hidup senang dan serba mencukupi seperti orang lain..sesungguhnya Allah akan memberi ganjaran pada hamba2Nya yang sentiasa berusaha..insyaAllah…”

389967 10150457007521575 769511574 8648350 1887218482 nGamba mase jadi speaker baru2 ni…with my dream bag…telah ade di tanganku..

390236 10150473791936575 769511574 8693545 1213587911 n386710 10150473773841575 769511574 8693467 1569429372 nMe with Rizman Ruzaini (Malaysian No.1 Designer)…he design my CDM dress and this dress one or his masterpiece…Alhamdulillah..tercapai jugak impian nk pakai masterpiece Rizman Ruzaini..my dream dress already came truee..

301148 10150369969916575 769511574 8302804 406223531 nKalau Salha mampu berubah…SO CAN YOU…..!!Salha yakin ramai kt luar sane yang masih tercari2 jalan untuk memperbaiki kualiti hidup masing2..pada yang dah bace entry…InsyaAllah, anda dah jumpe JALANNYA!!!

Let us be extraordinary let us make some changes in 2012!!!


012-222 9453




My New Year Resolutions..

By Premium BeautifulOne Comment

Pejam celik, pejam celik kite dah sampai penghujung tahun 2011..cepat sungguh masa berlalu..if i terkenang balik 2 tahun yang sebelum ni…Alhamdulillah…macam2 yang dah i capai…syukur…impian i nk capai Financial Freedom and Time Freedom at my age of 30, akhirnya dah pun tercapai…Alhamdulillah, i already drive my dream car, i live in my dream lifestyle, i ade income dan savings yang stabil dan mantap, and dapat travel to my dream place which is Switzerland dan berjaya sampai ke puncak gunung salji..satu pengalaman yang salha tak dapat lupakan..and bukan tu je..travel ke negara2 lain juge..

Bile teringat balik zaman i dulu2..at my lowest point…i am nothing..i am nobody..im just a fulltime housewife with no savings..if kalau adepun kt my Maybank account is RM14.60…but, i taktau apelah agaknya perkara baik yang i buat dulu2 sehingga Allah anugerahkan i jalan dan peluang untuk i capai semua ni..

Kalau nk ikutkan..boleh jer Allah lorongkan i biz lain…or boleh jer i tolak..tapi biz ni jugak yang Allah kurniakan..Hanya Allah yang Maha Mengetahui segala yang terbaik untuk hambaNya..Sesungguhnya aku bersyukur Ya Allah..Maha Pemurah dan Maha Pengasih..

Ingat lagi, mase Hanis present kt i biz ni…i tak ambil masa yang lame untuk fikir..i terus kata “Ya”..even i taktau ape akan jadi selepas ni..but i yakin..Berjaya atau tidak, semua di tangan kita sebenarnya..and confirmla i nk berjaya…walaupun i dapat tentangan hebat dari semua family member, dan even suami sendiri..tetapi hati i tetap kuat untuk nk teruskan juga…inilah ayat yg i pegang..”Salha, kalau kau tak berubah sekarang, bila lagi?…jadi i just buat je..and yang bestnya..biz ni ade mentor yang sentiasa guide kita..my mentor ialah CDM Hanis and Raz..kalau kita nak berjaya…Follow jer orang yang dah berjaya..Sebab i yakin, kalau orang yang berjaya datang bukak peluang kt kite..die confirm nk buatkan kita pun berjaya sama2..if we’re willing to follow and willing to learn..insyaAllah kejayaan milik kite..

Alhamdulillah..oleh kerana niat nk ubah hidup and i bukak pintu hati i untuk buat biz ni..Now, I dah capai impian i..berkat sabar dan usaha yang berterusan..i dah achieved segalanya dalam masa 2 tahun je..syukur sangat2…

So, this is my next new year resolution of 2012…

makkah3Inilah destinasi yang i akan tuju buat masa terdekat ni…tak sabar Salha nk pergi Mekah..InsyaAllah, Salha dan suami akan jejakkan kaki kami ke tempat suci ini untuk umrah..dan Salha nk capaikan hajat ibu dan ayah Salha untuk mengerjakan haji hujung tahun ni…insyaAllah…..

HPc237a1af56424ffa85f0173c5e1b370cA bungalow with swimming pool…teringin sangat nk bungalow camni…and ade private swimming pool..boleh tgk amin and adik berseronok mandi tak payah share ngan orang lain..mesti kene pasang impian..baru boleh dapat…kalau tak pasang2 lagi..sampai bile pun tak dapat…betul tak?

wallpaper 08 1920x1200BMW 5 series F10..

IMG 1955 e1323998704799Haritu dah gi test drive…yup memang i suke…satu sebab kereta ni cantek and sesuai untuk i sebagai businesswoman..lagi semangat nk berbisnes..:))..then, safety features die pun power…then, if travel jauh pun selesa rase cam naik flight gethuu…;p…so we plan to buy this car buat masa2 terdekat ni…

seminar sm ssm eastin hotel 431Nak convert semua biz partner i yang datang seminar SM/SSM untuk jadi pangkat seterusnya iaitu pangkat DSM and nk qualifykan mereka untuk join seminar DSM oleh kumpulan kami on April ni…insyaAllah..

ulangtahun19 cdm 2011 maeps 5Tahun ni..insyaAllah…Salha target nk lahirkan 10 orang CDM…memang dah buat pun senarai name dan segala planning untuk biz partner yang akan dapat CDM tahun ni 2012 ni..insyaAllah..doakan kami…

car photo 369298 25Nak capaikan impian rakan2 kongsi Salha untuk mereka dapat bawak dream car masing2…

airplane1Leaders2 semua dah planning nk bawak seberapa ramai rakan kongsi kami for the whole group utk pergi melancong secara FREE…dulu 2 bus…now maybe satu flight pulak…insyaAllah..

louis vuitton 2010 fall accessories collection 9Menambah kawan2 my Louis Vuitton Multicolor and Totally pada tahun ini..hehe:))

chopard happy sport edition 2 ladies watch 278478 20My dream watch…Chopard with happy diamonds…bile tengok je jam ni…dah tak pandang jam lain dah…huhu…

Nak create bilik master bedroom i camni..biar balik rase cam balik hotel 5 star gethuu…cozy dan ade katil yang empuk…aahhhh bestnyee..coz a nice sleep is very important for me…untuk energize balik my mind and body for the next day…baru biz makin lancar and enjoy..

jennifer lopez and abs1Yeess…i want this sexy tummy…mase zaman uni dulu2 i memang pengamal sit up yang tegar…i buat 500 sit ups a day…and my tummy ala2 camni..tapi i tak kire…even dah ade 2 baby pun takkan tak boleh dapatkan semula kan…ini perkara wajib i in 2012..

Hanging Planets Kids Playroom Design IdeasNak create my kidsnye playroom…mesti Amin and Irfan happy…dulu mase belum buat bisnes..kurang mampu la nk dapatkan camni…beli mainan pun kt tesco je…tapi after berbisnes..mase nila kite boleh beri yang terbaik utk anak2 kite…

ok rasenye…thats for now…nnti kalau ade lagi salha akan add day by day…


What’s your new year resolution pulak?? Jom share with me….:)))

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