Testimonial Episode 3..

Testimonial ni i copy from one of my PB customer, her name is Azah….After 2 weeks die pakai PB..die sms i kate yang die happy sgt sebab PB die dah boleh pakai cangkuk yang kedua means badan dh semakin mengecil..i ingat i dh ter”paling” terrer sebab badan i mengecil dalam mase sebulan…Ini 2 minggu je..woo!! Congratz Azah!!…Im so happy for you…

Ini entrynye…enjoyz!!……

“Anyone wants to join my quest?  So far I’ve lost inches around my waist and my tummy. And it’s good to know that my body burned 900 calories every hour for more than 8 hours per day. I guess that would speed up the process of loosing weight right.

And this process does not involve starving yourself. Trust me! Ia adalah proses yang sangat selesa dan rasa best and banyak health benefits lain besides losing weight.”-azah-….

Bestkan..nak cube??jomla…hihi..

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