The Saddest Thing in My Life…



The saddest thing that happen to me is when people lied to me…

What actually that i do wrong that makes people lie to me…

What more that i need to do to make people to be honest to me..

Do they know what the meaning of “making sin”..?

Do they know that i knew that they lie to me..?

Do they know that it hurts me so much..?

Why some people don’t even have a heart and keep lying over and over again to me..?

What have I got that I can give
What have I got that I can give
To love and to teach you
To hold and to need you
What more can I give

michael jackson

Everything that ever happen to me, i’ll take it with an open heart..


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  • suzie says:

    sape buat salha sedih ni???biar Tuhan je balas,kdg2 org2 mcm ni ckp lebih pun tak guna.sabar ye…

    • Salha Zain says:

      hi suzie….lame tak dgr kaba suzie…tulah…dugaan…Allah nk uji kite semase kite hidup ni..tu tandenye Dia sayang kt kite InsyaAllah…
      bile suzie nk turun kl…boleh jumpe…sembang2 panjang…

  • suzie says:

    nak turun nntisuzie bgtau…best sembang dgn korg sbb ralit tgk korg ni cantik sgt =).suzie dlm proses nak submit form.slow btl!haihh.

    nak gi shoping2 dgn korg..hehe..ada hati tu =)

    • Salha Zain says:

      gud2..takpe…bab2 submit form ni memang kene bersabar sket…dont worry..everything gonna be ok..
      ohhh..jadi mase salha present suzie ralit la ni…yeh..ni kene present lagi nih….hikhik…

      Jomlar…shopping raye nakkk!!!….
      cari duit cepat2…byk2…baru best nk shopping raye…jom suzie…hihihi…nanti i ajak hanis and aishah..k..

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