Kalau kite nk pegi baby shower or melawat kawan2 yang baru deliver, kadang2 rase susah tak nk cari hadiah ape nk kasi…memang barang baby banyak kt luar but sometimes kite nk kasi something yang cantik dan unik dari yang lain…betul tak…but kali ni betul2 cantik and betul2 unik…kirenye, hadiah korang kan jadi yang paling unikla dalam dunie…hihi..

Dah tak payah susah2 nk cari coz i dah jumpe!!

Its Totshop!! hihi…










I dah tengok sendiri dah…memang canteeeekkkkk!!

Its a diaper cake tau…cute sampai rase nk makan je cake ni kan…hihi…tapi tak boleh…

Ok ni sedikit info pasal The Totshop:

” The Totshop specializes in gifts, unique and creative gifts especially for babies and children. It’s not just something you buy, but something you created specifically and specially for that little person, or the parents. That’s why all totshop products can be customized and there will be no two cakes which are the same, each is unique.”

And nk tau tak, price die sgt2 affordable…


– 1 tier starts from RM 80.00

– 2 tier starts from RM 120.00

Cupcakes start from RM 3.00

and  flower bouquet start from RM 60.00

If nk tgk lagi banyak gamba cake2 or nk place your order ke, click kat sini..  

The Totshop


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