TLC Raya 2014

Syawal is finally over. And we Malaysians especially are also “over” when it comes to celebrating our Eid or Raya. 1 month fasting, so 1 month Raya. Haha.

Alhamdulillah, few days before Syawal ended, TLCians managed to gather our very own TLC Raya at our center. Thank you everyone who turn up on that night from all over Malaysia. Thank you our beloved mentors especially our Multimillonaire Sifu Haji Azlan Deraman for joining our simple “makan-makan” gathering. Thank you supportive husbands and wives who came along. Thank you All!

tlcraya salhazain 02 e1409642657306

Great food, great company especially these cute TLC Young Entrepreneurs.tlcraya-salhazain-03

We WORK HARD, We PLAY HARD! Regardless of our differences, Alhamdulillah we can always grow under the same roof. And the key to that is that we respect each other and know our boundaries. 😉tlcraya-salhazain-04

Raya is OVER! So its back to business in FULL SWING! LETS GO TEAM TLC!tlcraya-salhazain-01

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